Tea Time; Introduction.

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Why hello there m’dears. I’m hoping some of my fans/readers will have switched over to this story from She Doesn’t Care, but I appreciate the new readers all the same.

I’m gonna go into an elaborate opening of just random things I think that you should know before reading this. I did this for my other story, and oddly enough, people found it hilarious. So I hope this doesn’t bore ya’ll to death.

This story will involve some more, unusual, subjects. If you know me, than you know I have a personal love for Horror, Gore, and anything extraordinarily creepy. I also have a huge love and understanding for mental disorders and diseases.

Needless to say, this story will have most of my favorite things in it.

If this turns out to be bitchy, my bad. Just over look that, okay loves?


If you have;

A weak stomach.

Problems with blood, other bodily fluids, gore, killing, etc.

Problems with the idea of Cannibalism in Endocannibalistic & Sadistic Cannibalistic forms.

Problems with sex, and promiscuous activities, including but not limited to sexual desires and fantasies.

Problems with language use.

Problems with anything vulgar, ill-mannered, unrefined themes.

Than get the fuck out. ;3

This is my story, and I’m telling you right here and right now, I want the blood. I want the gore. I want the sexual desire. And I want the killing. If you have a problem with that, please, do not voice your opinion in the comments section below this. You may escort yourself off this page,

Have a peachy day.

As for you who are looking for everything I hope to pack into this little lovely story, I hope you enjoy it, entirely.


There’s a comment section for that. Say anything and everything that comes to your mind, I don’t have a problem with it at all.

On the other hand – this story is not co-written. It’s by me, Sarah Jessica. But, I do have a writing assistant, and editor. Her name is RosePetal. She helps me with some of the ideas, the characters, the plot, etc. So yes, I do the writing, but she is part of the creativity behind what this story will become.

If you enjoy this story, please feel free to go and fan her, and tell her how great she’s doing on helping out on this wonderful little story. She’s part of the mastermind behind it, and I’m sure she’d appreciate it, as much as I do.

To understand this story, you need to be familiar with a few things. If anything comes up that I don’t think everyone will have a general understanding about, I will put an N/A or an author’s note and explain it. If you don’t understand something and there is no note, feel free to ask via comment, pm, meebo (the little chat thing), or post on my profile. Don’t feel foolish, this is a differently set story, and I’m sure more than just you will not understand a certain part.

Let me tell you about two specific things as of right now though.

La Belle Époque is the time period in which this story is set.  La Belle Époque means The Beautiful Era. It’s during the short time period of 1890 to 1914. During this time period, Europe and France flourished. As a way of putting it, Art was re-invented, technology advanced considerably, and fashion thrived. Altogether, a very good time for the more generously wealthy, and even somewhat for the poorer souls. This story, will take place during the La Belle Époque in France’s parts. There may be a small trip or two to Europe, but there isn’t much of a difference anyway.