My name is Samantha Scott, I am 16 years old. My mother died when I was ten, I don't know my father and I live with my Aunt Betty. I attend West Brook High with my two best friends Kate Moss and Shelly Johnson and now that I think about it, they're my only friends. I like to sing and draw. I live in Summerville, Oregon. Its Monday morning first day back to school over the summer. Shelly and Kate should be here any minute and I was standing at the road waiting.

   When Shelly and Kate pulled up, I hopped in the passenger seat and greeted them "Hey Kate," I looked at her in the rear view mirror and saw her texting away. She looked up, smiled and looked down and whisper "hey". I stretched out my arms and hugged and squeezed Shelly, I haven't seen her all summer because she visited her grand parents in Florida for the summer. I let go and said " I missed you" she put the car in drive and drove out of my aunts driveway.

  Shelly and I were extremely close, I knew her for 12 years and Kate for 2, but we're still close. "Ready for school Kate?" Shelly asked looking in the rear view mirror then back on the road. "Hell yeah" she said then put her phone in her bag "I'm trying out for cheer leading this year". "Nice" Shelly said sounding pleased. "What about you Sammy?" she asked me. I nodded my head and looked out the window. "Do you think Zachary will ask me out this year?" I asked looked at Shelly. Her smile faded and she looked quickly at me before she stopped at a red light.

  She turned to look me in the face. "Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?" she asked me, I could see anger raging in her eyes. I just shook my head and look ahead of me "go" I said as the red light turned green. She drove off but she didn't drop the subject. "You're not serious are you?" Kate asked. I nodded and looked out the window. Zachary Collins was my love and my enemy. I love and hate him. He bullies me, and I'm not talking teasing and being mean, I'm talking he's abusive physically to. Once, He beat me up so bad I was in the hospital for 3 days. And I have the scars to prove it.

  "Are dumb or just stupid?" Shelly asked me. I knew she was just being protective but I didn't want to talk about it. "Just drop it" I asked and that's what she did, "Fine" she said but I know she wanted to talk about it more.

  We pulled up to the school and got out of the car. We walked to the door when somebody called my name. "Hey Sammy!", I instantly knew who it was, Zachary Collins. I stopped and turned in his direction, so did Shelly and Kate. I looked at him as he approached me and my friends. "What do you want, Zach?" I asked. He completely ignored my question and asked me his own. "How was your summer, Sammy?" he asked and I was confused, I thought by now he would be cursing or swearing at me or pushing me against the wall.

   "Basic" I answered "why?" . He shook his head and leaned into me. "Can I come over tomorrow?" He asked. I knew this game all to well. He was going to come to my home, apologize for being mean, sleep with me and leave. Then the next day he would act like that night never happen and be mean all over again. Even though I know his tricks, I still nodded my head. He smiled "Great" he said walking away. I turned to see Kate shaking her head in disappointment and Shelly was breathing heavily, I knew she was pissed. 

   "What?" I asked, Kate looked at me and sighed. Shelly rolled her eyes, "Have you learn nothing from the past years?" She asked I rolled my eyes and said "I know what I'm doing". 

"You do know he sees you as a easy lay, right?" Then the bell rung and we walked to different classes. I had literature first, and Mrs. G was awesome. I walked in the class to see that Mrs. G wasn't even there but the whole class was. I walked to my seat in the back and sat next to Brian, Kate's boyfriend. 

I could hear her laugh. Jennifer Simmons, Zachary's ' girlfriend' and my enemy. I hated her, she hated me.

"Who'd you screw this summer, Sammy?" she asked, I just rolled my eyes."The football team? baseball team?" I turned in her direction and said "Oh Jenni, I wouldn't want to put you out of a job". I heard some giggles and before I knew it Jennifer started punching me in the face. Everyone laughed and no-one cared that blood was dripping from my nose. She stopped punching me and stood over me "Watch who your talking to next time"she said then she sat in her seat. I got up and walked over to the door to go to the bathroom.

   As soon as I opened the door, Mrs. G walked in. " Good morning class" she stopped and looked at my bloody nose and asked "Are you alright?" I pushed past her and said "Yeah, be right back" and I speed walked to the bathroom. Once inside, I grabbed some toilet tissue and pressed it against my nose and it hurt "ow" I waited 'til it stopped and walked back to class. Mrs. G asked if I was okay and told me to take my seat, which I did.

   When I sat down, Jennifer leaned in,trying to talk to me but I don't turn around. "Watch yourself Sammy, The next time you 'act brave' I will stick my foot down your throat" I rolled my eyes, "Whatever" I said, Jennifer didn't scared me but what she said next did. "I'll make sure Zachy hears about this" then she sat back. My stomach dropped and my heart sank. Oh, no, If Zach even dreams I disrespected Jennifer, I was dead. Not that he cared about her as far as I know. Then the bell rang for the next class I grabbed my bag and ran to bio. 

   I was the first one there so I grabbed the sat closest to the window. A few kids walked in but Jennifer and Zachary caught my eye. They were talking then Zach walked over to me. I looked at the table but I felt him staring at me. He put both his hands on the table and leaned into me so his lips were at my ear. "Samantha," He said and he voice send fear down my spine. "I told you not to disrespect Jennifer didn't I?" He asked. I looked up at him and froze, the words caught in my throat and I studded "I-I-I-I-I" I paused, took deep breaths then spoke. "I'm sorry".

   He leaned in closer and spoke "Did I ask if you were sorry? Answer the damn question" he said loudly. I nodded my head and looked at the table and played with my fingers, if he thinks he can still come over tomorrow, he must be stu-pid. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and brought me to his face. His cool mint breath fulled my nose as he talked. "I don't want to hear you disrespected my woman again" he said and I don't know what came over me but I said, "You mean the entire male populations woman." There were a lot of ohs and oh my gods.

   OMG, did that just escape from my lips, will it was nice knowing me. "I'm so sorry" I whispered. He let go of my hair and I slipped into the chair. "You got plans for after school Sammy?" he asked. I played with my fingers and whispered "no". He put one hand on the arm of the chair and put his face in mine and I looked into his blue eyes. "Good" he smiled "I'll be waited for you at 3pm, don't be late" he stood up and walked back to his seat and sat next to Jennifer who smiled and waved at me. This is it, I'm going to die.

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