Chapter 1|tired of dreaming

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"Bambi where you going?"


"Bambi where you going?"


That had been Bambi's life for the past 2 and half years since she'd graduated high school. Every day was the same thing wake up go to school, go to work and head right back to school.

"I'm so tired of this shit" Bambi sat up in her bed and looked around at her dirty room. Clothes were strewn everywhere and she didn't know why. She wore scrubs every day and the days she didn't wear scrubs she mostly wore yoga pants or tights and tank tops.

"Nana" she heard her nephew yell as he walked past her door.

"Eric" her niece came running down the hall seconds later calling after her nephew.

"A fuckin circus man" Bambi picked up her phone and looked at the time her screen filled with Instagram notifications. She unlocked the phone and checked the app, laughing at some comments and rolling her eyes at some. It was still crazy to her how almost three years later the same chicks in high school who hated her, still hated. Most of them were in college, living life and having fun. They were envious of her not realizing Bambi felt the same way.

She was still regretting the fact that she had decided to go to community college for 2 years instead of going to a university as soon as she graduated.

The biggest mistake of her life.

Bambi knew she was missing out on so much by not going to a university. She hadn't been to a college party yet, she hadn't had any wild nights or anything worth remembering. She was ready for the next chapter in her life. The chapter that would be filled with drunk nights she couldn't remember and memories that she would never forget.

"Bambi get your ass up, you won't be missing school today" her mother's voice on the other side of the door made Bambi cringe with annoyance.

You would think she would be used to the circus she lived in. Seeing as though all her life she had lived in house full of women which wasn't easy. Three ghetto ass loud ass women in one house, mix in two kids (with ADHD let's not forget that), two dogs and a whole lot of drama and you had the Watsons.

It took Bambi close to thirty minutes to get ready for school. For once she didn't have to go to work so she put a little extra effort into her outfit even though she still didn't dress up. She wore a loose fitted V-neck that she knotted at the bottom, a pair of black tight and black and white Roshe Runs adorned her feet. Putting on her black leather jacket Bambi grabbed her lime green Henri Bendel bag and headed out of her room.

Walking down the hallway to the kitchen she was greeted by Rocky their American Bulldog eating off her nephew's plate that sat on the counter. "Rocky get your ass down" she said scaring the dog making him run out.

"Auntie" Eric came running full speed into the kitchen.

"What boy?" Bambi asked as she took a red bull from the fridge and a granola bar from on top of the counter.

"Can I have gummy bears?" usually she would have said no but she was in mood to hear his crying so she reached into the cabinet and pulled a pack of gummy bears out and passed it to him. Eric ran off and knowing her niece Giselle would be coming right after Bambi took another pack out and sat it on the counter.

"Bye yall" she called out before leaving the house. Bambi unlocked the doors to her pride and joy making a smile appear on her face.

Bambi's red Honda Accord Coupe had been on her wish list for well over a year before she finally stopped being cheap and got the car. It was no BMW or Benz but it was all hers and she was proud it.

Getting in she turned on her Pandora before she leaving the house ready to get her day started.

The campus of her community college was always busy. And parking was damn near nonexistent. It took Bambi close to twenty minutes to find a spot and she was nowhere near where she needed to be. Getting out and grabbing her MacBook as she did Bambi began to hightail it across campus not wanting to be late. She needed to get all the notes she could for next week's exams.

Finally reaching the hallway for her creative writing class Bambi rushed inside taking a deep breath when she realized the professor hadn't even arrived yet.


"Bria bitch" Bambi excitedly yelled over the phone to her best friend. She had just ended her last class for the day and was making the trek back to her car.

"Bambi bitch" Bria yelled back making Bambi laughed.

"What's up girl? We haven't talked in like 3 days I feel like I'm missing so much"

"Trust me you're not. I'm just ready for you to come up here already I'm bored Bambi. Nobody laughs at the things we do I'm so lonely" Bria whined.

Just like most of their high school classmates Bria had gone off to college. She attended Bambi's dream school. God willing, it was the same school she would be gracing in just a few months.

"Me too Bria, I can't stop thinking about it. You're not going to believe what I did?" Bambi looked both ways before she crossed the street.

"What? You always doing stupid shit"

"It's not stupid well it's not to me. But I made a list of ten things I want to do once I get there"

"Bambi you're only a junior you have close to two years before you're done why you need to do everything in one semester?"

"I don't know I just want to get the experience as quick as possible" she shrugged as if Bria could see her.

"Bambi if you force the situation by trying to follow some list you're not really going to enjoy yourself. You gotta let that shit flow"

"Let that shit flow" Bambi laughed as she repeated her best friend's words.

"Shut up hoe but I have to call you back I got class"

"Bye girl." Bambi ended the call and stuffed her phone into her bra as she finally approached. After putting her stuff on the passenger seat Bambi let the sunroof back and sped out of the parking lot ready to go home.

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