Give me Love ~ The Final Chapter.

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Here it is ladies and gents, the final chapter of Untamable (Book one). Enjoy (:

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Katerina's (P.O.V)

When Liz pulled up into her driveway, I held on to Kaden and I's gorgeous new Huskey puppy. He had one green eye, and one blue, and had soft white fur and nothing else. He was beautiful. Liz allowed me to stop at home and pick up my party clothes for tonight. I was going to get ready at Kaden's house, that was I could show him the surprise, and I also didn't have to face Kol. I sighed. Me and Liz got out of the car, and she unlocked the house allowing me to step inside. "Kaden!" she called, and he came running down the stairs only to stop dead in his tracks, scream "No way!" and start running again towards me to take the puppy from my arms. "What's..." he stopped to check the gender. "His name?" he asked grinning. "You tell me, I was thinking we could name him together." I told him and he thought for a second. "Bathern." He nodded and I laughed. "What, why?" I asked confused. He blushed. "It's our last names together." He told me and I smiled. "Bathern it is then." I ruffled the little guys hair and hugged Kaden's side. "Okay, you guys have to go get ready. Give be Bathern." Liz said and took him from Kaden's arms shooing us upstairs.

It took us both two hours to get ready. We decided to match in black clothing (Outfit to the side). I was adding some final touches when Kaden came up behind me in the mirror and smiled. "Ready to go love?" He asked and I nodded feeling my gut clench. "Let's go then." He held out his arm, and I wrapped myself into it and we walked out his room and down towards the living room. "Oh, you look great!" Liz said and grinned. "Thank you." I laughed and she winked. "Alright, let's go. Party started an hour ago." Kaden said and I waved goodbye to Liz and Bathern who barked happily at us. We climbed into my car and I let Kaden drive again. "He doesn't deserve you." He said and I frowned. "How do you always know when something happens?" I asked and he shrugged. "I just know you, and he doesn't deserve you. Don't let him ruin your night, Kat. You look beautiful tonight. Mate or not, you can get any guy in the world." he told me and I felt the truth bubble up inside me filling me with warm. I smiled, blocking away my tears. "Thanks, Kade." I pecked him cheek and he blushed. "N-No problem." He stuttered and I laughed shaking my head and looking out the window. It was a full moon tonight. I tuned in my hearing, and listened to the sound of the howling rouges and paws rushing across the woods dirt. It made me smile to think about shifting.

I closed everything off and just listened to my wolf. 

"How're you doing?" I asked her. She whimpered.

Not exactly good, but I understand why you do what you do.

I frowned feeling guilty. I was always screwing this up for her. Why couldn't I keep a guy?

It's okay Katty, Happy birthday!

I smiled. "Thanks. Doesn't feel like a very happy day though, just feels kind of empty." I admitted and she whimpered again.

I was always hoping that Alpha Kol would come around. The day he rejected us, I still seen his wolf howling, I seen the pain it caused them both. I held onto that this entire time, and when we finally had him, he went back to his old ways. But Katty... I know now what we have to do. She said.

I listened close to what she had to say, and it took all I had into me not to gasp or cry and scream. This was another secret to hold onto. But I agreed with her, and left it at that, and tuned back out of my innerself to pay attention to Kaden. "Nice chat?" he asked and I laughed. "Yeah. Nice." I lied and looked out the window to see the new pack house come into view. The lights were shinning bright from the windows,  and the moon made everything look so mystical, and powerful. And I realized that I just had to enjoy myself tonight like Kaden said. I couldn't let pointless things get to me, because it just wasn't worth it anymore. Kaden pulled into the parking lot of the lodge and he came around my side of the car and held the door open for me. "Thank you, sir." I grinned and he bowed. "No problem, darlin'." He said and grinned back. I took his arm once again and we started walking towards the doors. I could hear the music blasting loudly. "Despite what I said, you don't have to do this. At any point in the night, you can come find me, and we'll escape to my house without question, alright?" He told me nervousily and I nodded. "Safe word?" I offered and he chewed his lip. "Come to me and say 'Torment', and I'll understand, alright?" I nodded. "Seems fitting..." I trailed and he chuckled. "Yeah, I suppose." We arrived at the front doors. "Time to face the music, huh?" I asked. He pulled his arm away from mine and entwined our fingers together. He squeezed, and I squeezed back. "Yes. Time to face some crappy music." He agreed and I took a  breath before we pushed open the doors and walked into the hectic party. 

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