Gaby’s pov

The doctor looked at us and said

‘’ I would like to tell you Ms. Gabrielle that you are…………….. Pregnant.’’

‘’ what’’ I yelled out completely surprised at the news.

I turned to look at matt and saw that he also was completely surprised at this news of me being pregnant.

‘’ yeah in fact you are about two months pregnant’’ replied the doctor looking at some papers in his hand.

I touched my barely round stomach seeing that in fact my stomach looked rounder and bigger than my usual toned belly.

My mind kept racing in different direction, I didn’t know if I was supposed to be happy, sad mad or frustrated I just kept filling a bunch different emotions.

I noticed that matt hasn’t said anything, since the doctor told us about the news.

‘’ matt,  baby are you all right?’’ I asked with my hand on matt’s tight, as if I waked matt up a dream, he face looked at me shockingly and next thing I knew matt was twirling me around in his arms, with the doctor laughing at us, me looking shocked and matt looking happy as ever.

‘’ I guess you are happy then’’ I replied after matt finally set me down, letting me take my seat.

‘’ hell yeah, this is awesome’’ replied matt finally taking a sit.

‘’ as you can see matt right here, is happy, good job man, you finally got a respectable woman, I wonder what mom and dad will think’’ replied the doctor.

I looked at matt and then the doctor, finally seeing the similarities in their face they looked almost like each other, matt must have seen the confuse look in my eyes because he finally speaked on.

‘’ baby meet my crazy, stupid brother’’ ……..’’ oh’’ I replied worrying if he was going to accept me since his parents didn’t.

‘’ don’t worry okay? He doesn’t think like my parents, in fact he’s married to an African American woman for two years and they have the cutest twin girls, together.’’ Stated matt.

‘’ oh. Does your parents mind’’ I asked facing the doctor/ matt’s BROTHER.

‘’ yeah but I don’t care they don’t control my life’’ replies matt brother.

‘’ wow’’ I replied completely shocked of how parents could treat their own kids like that.

‘’ yeah so matt do you want to come over my house tonight, so we could, get to know each other and gabby here could get to know Sydney and you know they could talk about their girl stuff’’ asked matt brother.

I was completely astonished of how nice matt’s brother was being, I mean after meeting their parents you wouldn’t think such nice mans were coming from a such rude parents.

‘’ gabby, you okay’’ I heard and looked around to see a confuse look on matt and his brother face.

‘’ yeah  why?’’ I asked feeling completely embarrassed.

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