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September 4, 2015

Press was all over MountainView Hospital today upon the release of one of their patients. Harry Styles 24, was released from doctors care after a messy kidnapping concerning his daughter conspired a few weeks ago. When Styles came home to his apartment late night Friday, he found girlfriend Desiree Cole drugged on the floor of his kitchen. Rushing to get her medical attention he was contacted by Zayn Malik, the kidnapper who was found to have invaded Styles home drugging his girlfriend and abducting Styles three year old daughter, Gabrielle Styles. Malik demanded three million for young Gabrielle's release but, when Styles had no money things got a little messy. Shooting Styles in the shoulder and then again in the leg, Louis Tomlinson a friend of Styles in his best efforts tried to convince Malik to let the three year old go to which he did once police arrived on the scene. Malik was apprehended on the scene and taken away while Styles was rushed to MountainView Hospital.

Harry Styles was charged with three months of jail time for his illegal activity leading up to the kidnapping. Styles as well as Malik were involved in street racing landing both of them jail time. Any additional information will be posted on our website, This has been you five o'clock news with Stacy Linch, Thanks for stopping by!


She screamed out, tears streaming down her face as she fought with them. Shouting nasty things to get them to let me go. She knew that no matter what she yelled or screamed at them they wouldn't release me.

"Desiree!" I looked at her one last time, she stopped fighting to look back at me. "I love you." I told her before the hauled me in the back of the police car.

I looked at her from inside the car, getting a view of her inside the rear view mirror. She stood frozen while the authorities now rushed past her getting into their vehicles and leaving the scene. Time was moving around her as press flashed their camera in her face trying to gain her attention but, all she managed was a few tears while she stood frozen in place.

I remember what Watson had said to me that day I sat in his office.

"Once you start you can't go back."

"I hope you know what your getting yourself into for your daughters sake."

The conversation between us ran its course through my head as I thought back to everything that lead me here. I ran the risk of losing everything and I had now in fact lost it all. I had lost my freedom and Gabby as a result of my choices.

I let money cloud my vision and judgement. I let it take me to places I never dreamed I would be in, it was cold here. The beds small and made for functionality rather then comfort. The absence of Desiree next to me hurting my heart when I laid alone at night staring at the ceiling wishing away everything. Bargaining with God in my mind, telling him I would do anything to start over again. For one do over.

All I ever did was eat, work and, sleep. The month has been long and strenuous with the amount of manual labor required from the inmates here. I distracted myself the best I could with the work places before me, trying to block out all the thoughts the always lead to Gabby and Desiree. It seemed as though any trail of thought I had lead to them, they were inescapable.

I was given no word of what had become of Gabrielle, I could only hope that Desiree or one of the boys had gained custody over her while I slaved away in here. I couldn't imagine a stranger caring for Gabrielle and the mere thought of it made me sick. I knew what happened in the system, children were mistreated all day everyday. I couldn't and wouldn't think about Gabby contributing to that number of children.

I had heard word that Zayn had been bailed out which hadn't been surprising but also didn't make my rage against him better. People like him, who had money got whatever they wanted. It was the mere fact of things and it never ceases to anger me while I sat in here waiting for my sentence to be served.

All of this sifted through my mind while I laid alone in the dark of the cell I was assigned to. Watson hadn't even bothered to show his face to me. Although it was most likely because Watson had to bury himself underground, hide away from the law that looked around ever since my arrest. I could assume Zayn did the same with his enterprise, I could only hope Desiree didn't get caught. I couldn't imagine her rotting away in a jail cell like this.

All I wanted was for time to pass by me quickly. For it to fly through my finger tips.

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