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Guys my family is moving right now so I'm sorry but there will not be as many updates as usual. I'm really sorry but I hope you understand and stick with me!


I can't stand it.

I can't stand not talking to Zach. I can't stand not painting. I can't stand not having Zach's touch. And who the hell knows where Dylan is anymore.

I stared blankly at the wall in my classroom trying to push thoughts out of my head and forget. But one thing I learned is when you try to forget something it's harder to forget. You can't try to forget things or they'll stick with you. Forgetting happens on accident and can't be forced.

I heard the bell ring so I quickly stood up. I rushed to my locker but I stopped in my tracks. Zach was leaning on my locker, waiting for me.

Who needs books anyways? I ran out the door and to Ella's car where she was waiting for me. I got in and she drove away. I watched Zach get inside his car and follow us. I cursed under my breath as he pulled up beside us.

I gave him the finger and he smiled at me.

"Ella drop me off on the side of the road. I'll see you at your house" I told her sternly and she nodded.

She pulled the car over and I stepped out and watched as she drove away. Zach pulled up next to me and got out. He studied my face closely and his eyes softened as he traced the place where he slapped me. My eyes hardened as he did and I curled my fists. His eyes remained sad but his face had a smirk plastered on to it.

"So decided to stop running" he asked smugly

"I could walk away from you right now and never come back" I deadpanned

His eyes flashed hurt and we sat and silence.

I sighed and began to walk away.

"No! Alexis wait!" He yelled running up to me

"What!" I snapped at him, "ready to waste another second of my time?!"

"I'm really sorry" he muttered

"Your not sorry! Zach, I you that sorry you wouldn't have done it" I screamed

"I'm sorry!" He yelled

I balled  my fists and clenched my teeth.

"I really am! I just want us to be close again because I miss—"

I slapped him across the face.

"I guess I deserved that" he muttered looking down

"Oh no you deserve a lot more" I said through my teeth

"I probably do" he smirked

"I could kick you sorry ass right here, right now. Try me." I shot daggers at him with my eyes

"I would but I know you can't" he said crossing his arms

I there a punch at his face but he caught it and pulled me toward him. We were so close I could smell his nasty breath.

"Brush your teeth pig" I spat

"I remember that morning" he smirked

I kneed him in the balls and round house kicked his face. He stumbled back and I punched his face twice. Then twisted his arm backwards and threw him in the road.

I watched as he scrambled out of the way of a truck. I smirked and watched as he ran back to me.

"Are you trying to kill me?!" He yelled

"You asked for a fight" I stared at his bleeding face

"Well I didn't think you would!" He yelled

"Why?! Because I'm a girl " I yelled

"This again" he mumbled

"Yeah 'this again'! Do think I would just let it slip like that?" I said angrily

"Gosh can't you just forget!" He yelled

"Forgetting can't be forced idiot. Like I'm never going to for get that you hit me" I screamed

"Screw this! Guess what?! I love you! That's why I wanted to say since I met you! I love you" he yelled

I stood in silence as he got into his car and drove away. I can't move or speak. I'm frozen in utter shock.

The words I love you replayed in my head over and over. I must of stood there for 45 a long time because Ella was texting me worried. I felt it vibrate in my pocket.

I gulped and took out my phone replying:

I'm fine. I'll be back soon. Don't worry.

I walked back. I walked into Ella's house and leaned on the door.

She ran up to me, "my god Lexi you scared me half to death!"

I nodded

"Lex are you ok?" She asked

I shook my head no

"What's wrong?" She asked concern heavy in her voice

"Zach—he said that he loved me" I blurted out finally comprehending it

Zach told me he loved me.

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