Perrie Louise Edwards

Born: July  10, 1993 ( age 20 )

From: South Sheilds, Tyne and Wear

Parents and Siblings: Debbie Duffy (mother), Alexander Edwards (father), Johnnie Edwards( b rother),Caitlan Georgia  (stepsister)

Horoscope: Cancer

Favorite Food:  Everything!

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Song By 1D: "More Than This" ( Up All Night ) " Little Things " ( Take Me Home )

X Factor Audition Song: " You Oughta Know " By Alanis Morrisette

Natural Hair Color: Dirty Blonde ( now: Hot Pink, HighLights )

Eye Color: Blue

Relationship Status: Currently dating Zayn Malik from One Direction. They have been dating for over a year and there have been rumors of Zayn Proposing to Perrie But don't worry it is NOT true. Even Perrie thought this was odd. PERRIE: So apperently I'm engaged now. JADE: Aye at least we can be brides maids. ( ME: lol )

UPDATE: Guys, I know that I said that Perrie and Zayn are not engaged, but I wrote this back in like April or May. Zayn and Perrie ARE infact engaged! It's rumored that Zayn and Perrie will be married on the day  they met.

Perrie and Zayn's Couple Name: Zerrie

Style Inspiration: Hippy/ Bobo/ 80s early 90s

Nicknames: Bam-Bam Pezza

Pets: 4 Huskies, 2 cats, 2 gerbils, a snake, a hamster, a pony, and a one legged Budgie ( sooo  Swerve)

Fun Facts!: Does a mean goat impression; Does not drink alchoal; Plays guitar; Loves shoes

Quotes: " I was always the one at school nobody fancied, and i've only had one proper relationship."   " Don't worry Be hippy" -Perrie

Dream Job as a Child: Vet

Pet Peeves: When you are all cozy and trying to fall asleep then someone swithes the light on 

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Funny Things:  Hacks Zayn's Twitter account to follow Directioners! 

Aww a little Shy?: Shy around different  celeberties

Whoops! : First time she used a washing machine she turned everything blue, so she has never used it since.

Sleeping Beauty: She is the tired one of ittle mix

STOP IT! : Her most annoying habit is shaking her legs when crossed

No Kids But: Perrie and Zayn have a puppy named Hatchi!

Get That Thing Away From Me! : Terrified of spiders

Umm Akward: If someone was wearing the same outfit as her at a party, she would go home to change

well thats all about Perrie Edwards...... Enjoy!! ( ;

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