Chapter 24

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I expected the fight to be easy, since I wasn't alone, but it wasn't.

The first wolf attacked, and Jack shot a few arrows. The wolf didn't even slow down. I charged at it as Jack switched to his better arrows. He was attacking another wolf, while I was dodging the first one's fangs.

But then the other wolves joined in. I tried to fend them off all at once, but there were too many. Soon after, I was full of scratches, and wolves were closing in on Jack. I knew that there was only one thing I could do to save us. There was no escaping, they would eat us if turned into birds.

I let the darkness take control. I became a passenger inside a body that wasn't mine anymore. I watched through the eyes of body that was once mine, but I had no control over my thoughts and actions.

I summoned shadows- lots of them. Everything got swallowed by darkness. I fought, sword, dagger, shadows, I even turned my teeth into those of a lion a few times to bite.

The shadows I summoned were fighting as well, leaving cuts and wounds onto everything they touched. They killed, and some disappeared, but I summoned new ones as I kept fighting. Jack healed me a few times, for he managed to get back to shoot with no danger to him.

After a while, there were no wolves left. I piece of me that was still left tried to take over control of my body, but it failed. Darkness was still in control.

I started walking towards Jack. He looked surprised at my strength, not suspecting what I did until he saw that my eyes were red. That's when he opened them wide.

'Y-your eyes...' he started, but I cut him off with a laugh.

'Red, like the blood of my enemies, and soon enough yours' I said menacingly. I was getting ready to finish him off with shadows. But luckily, he wasn't stupid enough to try to talk me out of it.

He shifted into a bird I made no effort to identify, and started flying. But I hit him with a wave of Darkness before he got far, and he fell down, turning back to himself.

His white hair was stained with blood- some of it was his. Some of it was from the wolves.

Suddenly, I heard a shout from above. I looked up, and saw the terrible light of a pureblood. I growled, seeing that it was Tanya and Snow. Came to ruin everything, as always.

The landed, and I waited for them patiently.

'Why is Jack on the floor? Is he hurt? What happened?' Tanya said while she was climbing off her dragon. Then she saw my eyes, and she stopped. Snow walked to her side.

'See? That's what she is. She's going to kill Jack if we don't kill her.' Snow said, drawing his sword.

'You will NOT kill my sister!' Tanya shouted, pushing him back. Then she turned to me.

'Medea, please, listen to me. This isn't you' She pleaded. I grinned.

'Oh, but it is, pureblood. This is what Datonx is. I'm free now. I will get rid of all of you Brights!' I said, growling the word ''Brights''.

Tanya's eyes softened and she pulled out her sword.

'We have to knock her out and get her back to the building. The Headmaster and Tynan will know what to do.' She said to Snow. Jack stood up from behind me. I laughed.

'So all of you want to die? Good.' I said, and swung my sword at a closest person to me, which was Jack. But he pulled up his bow, blocking my swing as he took a step back. I sensed a gust of wind coming from behind me, so I made a wall of shadows so thick that no wind could go through.

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