Chapter 9: Wild!.....

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September 24th 2015

"I can't believe we are actually going to this party." I moan as I collapse onto my bed.

"Well you are the one who just won't burn his jacket. Something about it 'not being right to harm my knight in shining armour's belongings after he saved me, blah blah blah.'"

"He did not save me nor is he a knight of any kind, let alone for me!" I yell as I throw a pillow at Kate which narrowly misses her head.

"Aww, look, you throw like a girl too! Bet you want to kiss him all day long and be one of his groupies too. Hang on to every word he says- and wait for him to wink at you in the halls- aww, you're blushing!" Kate mockingly coos.

"Shut up will you, I'm not gay! Now let's just go and get this over with so you can buy me dinner as you promised!" I say huffing whilst walking out of my room. It was nice for a change to have a house I wasn't embarrassed to invite over a friend to and thinking about it, it was also nice to have a friend to invite.

My new home was a modern two bed condo, in a decent part of town. It resembled nothing like the shabby mess we used to call a home in Tennessee. We were only living here as part of an employment bundle my dad received with his new job. But no one needed to know that. Instead Kate, like everyone else, would think I came from the average middle class background.

We sat in Kate's car, a cute red hatchback, with the windows rolled down whilst screaming along to Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson- don't judge me! As the houses and streets whipped by us, I noticed we were going further and further away from town. I didn't recognise this part, but I hadn't really gotten to know much about my new town yet. We started to head down a road surrounded with trees. If I didn't know Kate any better, I would have thought that she was kidnapping me, and now was taking me somewhere deserted to murder me...

Then I saw it, looming behind the trees, a mansion - sky high. Large columns were framing the porch that had stairs leading down to a dual carriage driveway, which was already preoccupied with cars. The entire house was lit up, a multi-storey mansion. Then Kate's words loomed in my head "he lives alone". God, what I would do to live alone here with staff catering on me. I know, I know, he lost his dad and all - but there hasn't been a day which I can remember where I haven't wanted my dad to just go walk off a cliff.

Kate stops the car by the gate entrance making sure we have easy access to leave. "Do you want me to come in with you?"

This is really happening. I gulp, "yes please." So we climb out of the car and head up towards the main door, which swings open at our arrival.

The entire house is swarming with teenagers. So many faces I don't recognise. "Who are all these people?" I ask Kate nervously- they can't be all from our a school surely ?

"Our school, Teyton Hill and Mullsberry High all come to Damian's party too. Those are two of the neighbouring high schools by the way. Sometimes kids from out of town, or anyone really passing through, show up too. I hate these events though - so I never come."

"Hey Kate!" People cheer and say as we struggle through the crowds. Kate, as always, pleasantly smiles and waves in response. We walk through the first floor of the house, which is filled with students in room after room. The house and the people are all just never ending. I feel squashed and violated by the time I hear a familiar voice.

"You came!" Silver shouts from behind me. I turn to see the blonde haired boy smile joyfully at me. He seems a little too amused by my obvious discomfort being pushed around.

"Well, you wouldn't take your jacket back if I didn't!" I spat- irritated- like I always did around him.

"Now here have it!" I say tossing it to him. He catches it with ease even though it was way off and just smiles.

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