CHAPTER 48 The Drops

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I went to the Doc's. He wanted me to use The Drops, diluted per his instructions, in my right eye.

I looked at him in disbelief.

"The man is clearly off his rocker. There's no way he wants me to put the 'jet fuel' (as my Dad had nicknamed it) in my eye!" I thought.

He was serious though. He wanted me to use only one drop and follow the instructions. But I was to add water to the solution after it was ready, like triple or more the amount compared to The Drops mixed solution. Then he wanted me to put the diluted solution into my infected eye for forty seconds [total time under one minute for the infected eye], using a clean glass dropper. And to finish by sticking the infected eye under running water to rinse out all the solution.

I thought, "No way! He has to be out of his mind!"

But he wasn't. At least not at this point. Not that I could tell anyway. I wasn't happy about the idea of putting such a powerful healing tool into my very delicate and upset eye.

The Doc energy checked my organs. My spleen tested at a 9, which was pretty close to a 10 [10 was the number I was rooting for because it meant my spleen was in balance]. He checked a few other vital organs, including with my brain, liver, and gallbladder. Those organs were energetically testing as having viral issues that the Doc surmised, were being brought to the surface because I was taking The Drops internally. They were going to go after a lot of gunk [toxins, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc.] in my body and help support removing them. My brain had energetically tested as having some heavy metals in it, which they would go after as well.

My understanding of The Drops was they killed off toxins, forced them to break apart, through a chemical process of chloride dioxide. Then the body could flush out the debris through the body's disposal system of urine, feces, the skin, or vomiting. Some people reported vomiting, diarrhea, or would break out in rashes while going through the Drops cleanse process. I hoped I didn't experience any of that, as the eye infection was enough for me, thanks.

My right brain was now energetically testing as a 17, and the left was 13. It was a huge improvement from the 200 and 2 I had started at a couple weeks ago. It still wasn't at the energetic balance of 15, on both sides, but it was much closer. I was happy. I needed every organ in perfect balance and working order as I could get for the days ahead.

The Doc told me to do three drops of The Drops, internally, mixed according to the instructions, twice a day. He said it would help clean out my body, but to be careful not to overload my system too much during the process. My body was already dealing with cleaning out a lot of gunk as it was.

If the eye was still red on Friday, the Doc wanted to see me again. He told me not to do the smoke in my eye. I longed to regain my health. I longed to regain my life too. But I wasn't sure if I would get either back the way it was looking these days.

Mom and I got in the car, and headed home. Course it didn't feel much like home anymore, not ours anyway.

"The cause is within us. The cure is within us. When we know this our concept of disease is no longer that of something fixed upon the body cells which must be purged, cut or burned away. It is not something coming in from the outside which we cannot prevent. Rather it is a change from within, and we must find the reason why the body changes its perfect pattern to vibrate to discord rather than to harmony."

Dr. Rebecca Beard

Medical Doctor & Metaphysical Practitioner


*Don't ever put just anything on or in your eyes without being under the guidance and supervision of a certified Doctor. The eyes are highly sensitive and delicate and have the potential of being easily and permanently damaged.

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