CHAPTER 43 A Front Row Seat

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When I got back to the Cabin, another real estate agent came to show the A-Frame to a mom and her teenage daughters. They spent time looking around the house and yard. I saw them standing in the fenced yard of the A-Frame pointing. I didn't like the view at the Cabin anymore.

I kept saying to myself throughout my day, "Thank you for my healing. Thank you for all the prosperity, abundance and success I have in all areas of my life. Thank you for all the joy, love, laugher, and fun I have in all areas of my life."

I said the words. But I'm not sure I believed. Oh, I wanted to. I wanted to believe.

But how do you believe when the things right in front of your eyes contradict the belief?

What do you do then?

I found no fairy wand that I could simply wave around and make everything all better. Nor did I find a closet, deep enough, and dark enough to hide myself away in. I was locked into the reality. I could do nothing to change it. Nor could I do anything to separate myself from it.

Just before my Parents left for an appointment that afternoon Dad got a call from Larry, the real estate agent for Parcel A, the A-Frame. Larry was ready to make a deal. He was concerned since the property was now officially on the market. He wanted Dad to get our offer in and close the deal before anyone else. That's where Larry's focus was.

This wasn't a place we consciously woke up one morning and said, "You know what, I think we should allow ourselves to put into foreclosure. Let's get evicted and for fun get a front row seat on losing our Farm, parcel by fucking parcel."

I, for sure didn't wake up one morning and say to myself, "I need something tragic to happen to my family so I can write a book about it. I'm going to include everything. All the carnage, all the family breakdowns and fits of panic and anger. It's ALL IN. Yes sir. That's what I need! Expose my family, emotionally naked, at the toughest moment of our lives and tell the world about it."

We had to believe we were brought to this place in our lives for a reason.

What was the reason?

We didn't know. But I really hoped we weren't brought here for the pain.

I kept reminding both my Parents that all of this we were currently experiencing was all a result of our past, which James Ray had said in "The Secret".

What was happening wasn't who we are now. What was happening was all a residual effect of who we were and what we did yesterday. Yesterday didn't define who we were today. It only did if WE allowed it to define us. Some days it was easier said than understood, though.

I started a three-day special mud concoction program, from the Doc's, to help energetically support my body, starting with a different organ each day. Five minutes after I put it on my skin over the organ, I felt a charge of energy flood my body. It was wild how good the mud could make you feel!

They should sell this stuff out on the streets! I could picture it now, some dude in an overcoat. Another dude walks up to him.

"Hey, what you got?"

"What you looking for?"

"I wanna get HIGH."

"Well, I got just the thing. Something BRAND new."

"Really? Do tell."

"It's a special mix. Finest dirt this side of old Miss."

"No shit!"

"Serious shit man. This mud will take you HIGH!"

"Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it."

Author Unknown

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