Chapter 5

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Heads up I am really bad at dialogue. So sorry in advance. And I have decided to change it so they are in highschool and not college because I know nothing...

Nico PoV

"Hi," he breathed out. "Hi" I replied. "What's your name?" He questioned. "Nico," I answered simply. He stuck out his hand, still smiling widely. "Hi Nico. My name is Will. Say, what is your next class?"
"Aviation," I answered after I glanced down at my scedule.
"I do too!" He said excitedly.

We ended up walking to class together and sitting down at a seat in the back of the classroom. The teacher was just droning on about the semester and classroom policy's. I had a feeling that most of the classes today would be the same.

As the teacher droned on I began to doodle absentmindedly on a piece of paper. The bell rang a while after that. I put what ever I was drawing in my bag and walked out of the classroom, on my way to science. Will trailing close behind me.

Will PoV

"Hi." I said breathily. "Hi." He answered. "What's your name?" I asked. "Nico," he answered simply. Still smiling, I said, "hi Nico. I'm Will. Say, what is your next class?"
"Aviation." he replied after looking down at the notebook in his hands. "I do too!" I said enthusiasticly.

We walk to class together and he sits down in the back of the classroom. I sit next to him and the class awaits the teacher to arrive.

Once the teacher arrives he begins to talk about stuff I don't pay attention too. I notice that Nico begins to draw something on his paper. I begin to study his features. His nose is slightly crooked and he has a light dusting of freckles across his cheeks. His dark hair and eyes standing put against his pale skin. His hair stuck up at odd angles and reached a little passed his ears. He wore black shoes, black pants, and a dark purple shirt under his black zippered hoodie. As I continued to look at him and the bell rang signaling the end of the class period. I saw nici put away his drawing before I could see what I turned out to be. He left and I followed him out. My next class was science. I wonder if we have that together as well.

I'm going to end that chapter here. I will probably update again tomorrow and I will update over the week because there is conferences and I have 5 days off. Yay! Anyways don't forget to comment and vote.


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