Abby Pov:

My butt hurts so bad. I've been on this plane for too long, going to a place I don't even want to go to. I am only going to Australia because my dad got a new job. I mean I'm happy for him but Australia is way to far.

I guess I should introduce my self. I'm 17 years old, I have dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I live with my dad because my mom wanted to stay in California. I also wanted to stay, but I couldn't leave my dad all alone, and my mom works long hours so I would be home alone a lot. I guess I just wanted a fresh start.

As I get into a taxi my dad asks me,

"You like it here so far?"

"We have only been here for like an hour dad." I respond sourly

"I was just asking," my dad says upset, he knows I didn't want to move . I didn't mean to sound rude but honestly I already hated Australia and I haven't even been here more then a hour. I do need to get used to it, though, because this is my new home.

We finally get to our new house and must I say it was huge. I was now starting to hate Australia a little less. As I got my bag out of the trunk of the taxi I noticed our new next door neighbor. He was on the porch just staring at me. I waved at him to try and get his attention. It seemed to work because he waved back and went inside his house. I went back to grabbing my bag and walked into the huge house. It was so much better than my old house. I ran up the stairs to go call a room for myself. I found one that I thought was just right and started unpacking all of my things.

While I was unpacking I heard our door bell ring. I ran down the stairs and opened the door to find the boy who was staring at me earlier with who I'm assuming is his mom.

"Hi, I just wanted to come by and say welcome to the neighborhood", She sweetly said.

"Thanks it's nice to meet you. My name is Abby."

"I'm Joy and this is my son Calum," she said pointing to the boy I now knew as Calum. He was very attractive... like gorgeous, and I noticed a couple of tattoos on his toned arms.

"Well it's very nice to meet you both," I said with a smile Calum smiled back. We stood there for another 5 minutes talking. It was mostly just me and his mother, but Calum would add a few sentences in the conversation occasionally. I found out that he and I are in the same grade and I will be attending his school.

"It was very nice to meet you, we will have to have you and your dad over for dinner one day," Joy smiled.
"I would really like that. See you two later," I said
"Bye Abby, see you at school tomorrow," Calum said waving.

"Who was that sweetie?" My dad asked after I closed the door.
"Just some of our neighbors," I said.
I walk back up stairs to finish packing. I had to get ready for school which was starting for me tomorrow. I was extremely nervous and I was not looking forward to making all new friends. I just hope that people like me.

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