Chapter 12 - The "Vodcast"

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I knocked on the door and Emily answered. She was in pyjamas and had some ice cream in her hand.

 “Listen.” I said, loudly over the noise of the rain.

She looked at me, there wasn’t the anger that I expected. 

“Can we just be friends? You know, start over?” My voice was cracking with

There was a long pause. She gave a tiny nod.

“Hi, I’m Alec.” In introduced myself with a smile. She smiled too. She dug me in the ribs and started laughing. We couldn’t stop laughing and for a perfect moment it was as it should be. 

 “Your soaked!” Emily said. I was glad she was talking to me again. If I could only be her friend, I would settle for that. I trudged home and I felt amazing.

The next day of school I spent predominantly hanging out with Robin. I don’t know why we had never hung out more. I guess I had been so caught up in Emily that I couldn’t focus on anyone else.

Fortunately he was still prepared to hang out with me. 

“That’s not what I’m saying.” Robin said. “Look, its just that vegetarians are unnatural.”

He was arguing with Katie, a devout vegetarian. Emily and me were sitting on the sidelines giggling at how serious Katie seemed compared with how much Robin was messing with her.

Emily’s schedule had changed after her teacher went insane, throwing books at students. This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence and no-body paid much attention to it. Regardless, it meant she could eat lunch with us.

“Unnatural?” Katie said, indignantly, which is more unnatural: growing fresh vegetables and eating them, or mass producing cows and then slaughtering them?”

“Ooooo! No she di-ent!” I said, in my black women voice. Robin grinned. Katie gave me a look that scientists should use to refreeze the polar icecaps.

Everything felt so natural and normal. Emily at across the table from me, as Robin and Katie continued to take pot shots at each other. She flicked her brown hair and I sighed.

Having a group that I could eat lunch with was amazing. From that point on a good deal of my memories are with that group, eating lunch. We would stay long past everybody else had gone and the cleaners would give us dirty, ‘get the hell out’ looks.

It’s strange. I don’t really remember the details of most of those conversations. Some of them seemed so important at the time, like the winner of the debate could change the world. Sometimes we were just joking. Robin liked to take the contrary view, then make ridiculous arguments and Katie fell into the trap every time.

It was during one of these conversations that Robin and myself had decided to start a vodcast. Basically we would give our take on the stuff that happened in the school. We had roped in Emily and Katie to help… Just because.

We wanted a voice. We were going to call the show Freshman 15, because it was going to be fifteen minutes long. Whatever. We thought it was clever!

“So basically.” Robin said. “We need to publicise. Otherwise no-one will be listening. Here is what I’m thinking. We pay the most popular people in school to advertise for us.”

“I see a problem!” I said. “We don’t have nearly enough money for that.”

“That’s what’s so perfect about this.” Robin said. “We offer them a percentage of the advertising that we will put on the side of the vodcast page. The better they advertise, the more money they make.”

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