3: Telling him ( Your POV)

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I was super nervous. Today was the day i was telling Niall i was pregnant. The best thing is that it was his birthday. So what i did was that yesterday i went out and bought lots of baby clothes in neutrual colors and i also bought a Derbey County football kit for a baby, i knew Niall would love that one. I wrapped the different gifts and put them in the living room. I had also made his favorite meal and was just now waiting for him to come home from work, they had done interviews all day. Not long after i was done setting the table, Niall walked in. I greeted him with a kiss.

"Happy Birthday handosme" i said.

"Thank you so much baby" he said back

"I have made dinner, lets sit and eat and then you can open your presents" i sad to Niall

We sat down in the living room and ate dinner.

"Baby, this is so good" Niall said with his mouth full of food.

"Thank you Niall, but please swallow your food before you talk" i said while chuckling.

After we ate dinner, we went over to the couch and sat down, and Niall started to open his gifts. At first he was a bit confused, but wheen he opend a the gift with the pragnancy test and a oncie that said "My dad is the coolest dad in the world" he realized what was going on..

"What the..? Are you really pregnant Sarah ?" Niall asked shocked as he had opend the gift with the pregnancy test in it.

"Yes, Niall i am. You are gonna be a dad, and the best one in the world" i said

"Thank you so much baby, this is the best birthday ever. I can't wait" Niall said with tears in his eyes while hugging me and kssing me.

This was a succes i thought. I had been so nerveous as to how Niall would take the news, but he loved it. And he was so happy. I could not wait for the rest of this pregnancy.

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