A shiver ran down my spine when a gust of wind went past by me.

Great! Thank you for wearing short-sleeved shirt.

I folded my hands to help myself from the bitter wind. Just as I was about to take a step forward, a voice made me to stop dead in my tracks.

"Shhhhh.. Cooperate with me and you will not even feel the pain," a voice said. And second time a shiver went down my spine.

Whoever was speaking had a voice like butter. It was so soft and husky that for some moment I wondered how he would look.

I thought the voice was directed towards me until I heard another voice-- a female voice to be exact.

"No, Vitale.. Please I wil--"

"Did you just called me by my name? Bîtch, I thought they have taught you better," he interrupted, giving out a fake chuckle.

My heart came in my throat when I heard the desperate pleads of the female, "No, no, no... Please, no no--," her pleas were stopped and then I heard a muffled screamed followed by something hitting the ground.

The dead body, her dead body hit the ground with a loud thump echoing the nearly dead night.


Silence followed afterwards.

I felt my fingers trembling in fear. And my breathing came out in harsh pants.

Someone tell me, I'm dreaming, please!

But the sound of footsteps that seemed to come near me indicated otherwise. That was it. I was going to die.

"Stupid girl," the same exact velvet like voice said. My knees were somehow supporting me to stay in place or I could have fell on the floor due to fear that seemed to be running in every single vein of mine.

"Wait, don't come near me!" I tried to shout for my sake so that at least someone would hear me but no my voice came out as a whisper.

A male stepped forward in my view, under the street light that I was in.

The first thing that I noticed was his eyes. His eyes were green that made them to stand out from the rest of his features. His eyebrows were thick and long and any girl would be jealous.

My gaze felt to his mask that he was wearing preventing me from seeing half of his face.

His chuckle took me out of my whatever trance I was in.

God forgive me for thinking he is handsome without even seeing his full face.

"Didn't your parents teach you to not roam around late at night?" He asked.


The only people I wished I had. But faith decided to be mean with me and took them away.

Far away from me.

I don't even had a family.

You have your step mom!

She doesn't count as one. From the moment I met her, she was nothing but mean.

In front of other, she's always the mother-- stepmother, that everybody think she was but whenever we both were alone she becomes evil. I swear sometimes I feel two pairs of thorn on her head.

"You... Please.... Just let me go," I whispered. Suddenly scared of the situation. Scared would be an easy word, I was horrified.

Just thinking about what this man, in front of me, did to the female a moments ago made me wanted to cry out in fear.

"And why would I do that?" He asked, his voice held a wicked sense of humour that made him to chuckle.

I could see the way his green eyes twinkle, maybe with amusement or maybe with the idea of killing me.

I hope it was not the latter.

I gulped.

Why should you not kill me?

Maybe because my life is to press precious to be taken away by a psychopath.

I didn't said that. I stayed silent. For the second time the while place was dead silent.

He chuckled. It was one of those sounds that makes people want to run and save their life for the sake of God. It was evil, pure evil.

"How about we make a deal?" He asked.

"W--what deal?" My voice barely came out due to fear.

The fear of what he deal might be.

For the sake of me, he could ask me to join his gang in order to live.

I stiffened when I saw his hand snaking his way towards his pocket.

What is he going to take out?
A gun? A handcuff?

My mind relaxed a bit when he took out a coin.

"Head or tail?" He asked.

I was taken off guard. "W-- what?"

"I asked head or tail," he answered each words slowly as if he was talking to a child.

"Why do y--,"

"Just answer the damn question," He snapped.

"T-tail," I muttered. Somehow I became more scared of him than I already was.

"Now if tail comes you live or else you die,"


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