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Everyone shuffled around, some getting ready for the impending battle and others for the Pegasi team. I have to say I was itching to ask grandpa Blake how we come to have seven of a rare creature such as a Pegasus around but kicked against it, I don't think he'll be very happy to be asked such a question. Besides, that was the time I saw Kendra passing and I needed to have a word with her.

"Kendra", I called as I ran to meet her, "I need to ask you a favor".

"You're going to ask me not to go with you guys into town, aren't you?", she asked with an 'I already know' smile.

"Yes", I replied, not so confident anymore, "I need you to stay here with my mom".

"Sure, I'll help", she replied, I noticed that she wasn't looking very happy about not going with us to face Trichloris but she hid it very well and I didn't want to make her feel worse by letting on that I know what she's really feeling. I went to meet Denise after Kendra had left with my mom who, by the way, is still against my involvement in this whole Trichloris thing- Seriously Mom, I'm grown up now.

"I want you to look for Kendra and stay with her immediately the battle begins", I said to her but Victor interrupted before she even had a chance to reply.

"She's coming with us to town", he said, "She has proven that she has the skills we need and I believe she'll be able to locate Trichloris faster than when we use magic". Can't say I argue with his logic but being around Trichloris is nowhere for a normal.

"Alright", I replied anyway and got ready for the trip. The seven of us that are going are Oliver, Victor, Stan, Victoria, Denise, David and, of course, I.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come?", asked grandpa Blake as he led us to the back exit that leads to the Pegasi stable.

"No", replied Oliver, "I need you here in charge of things, and Mom too". I saw the both of them exchange a look at the mention of Mom and I couldn't help but wonder about Georgina Sanders. Sure, she has a lot of fake expression up her sleeves, she was a lot condescending to me and less than friendly to Mom but she can't be that bad, or can she?

"I'll take care of your mother", replied grandpa Blake after a long moment of silence and hugged him, "You take care of yourself".

We opened the door of the back exit and stepped out into the slightly cold night air. A few minutes later, we'll surely be on our way to face the greatest enemy known to man, Trichloris.

"Are you sure we're going in the right direction?", asked Victor and I couldn't help wondering the same, we've been walking for a while now and there's still no sign of the stable.

"I've been living here since I was a boy, Victor, I'm sure I'll know if we're going in the wrong direction", replied Oliver after shooting Victor a distasteful look and we all steered our concentration back to the walk. I pulled Oliver back and made the others walk ahead before releasing what was on my mind.

"You've been looking gloom since the women arrived, why?", I asked.

"So you noticed", he replied as he looked up at the moon but I know it's all pretend, his mind was definitely somewhere else, "The thing is, having Sam and Nicole in the same room had never been a good idea".

"They know each other?", I asked, very perplexed. I never would have guessed that my mom could know Nicole.

"Yes, they've known each other for quite a while and I have to tell you that they don't mix well".

"Like water and oil?"

"More like fire and gas", he replied, "Add my mother to the equation and, believe me, it's the world greatest catastrophe". I finally understood why he had been so keen on grandpa Blake keeping an eye on Mrs. Sanders but it's still hard to believe that those three beautiful women can cause such big trouble- Well, we all know that women have been a complicated species, don't we?

"We're here", Stan said from the front but when I looked, the only thing around was a thick wall of flowers.

"It's just flowers", I said.

"For now", replied Oliver before tapping the flowers and I saw them part ways to reveal a very beautiful garden filled with a magical silver light from the moon, more beautiful flowers, glowing butterflies, a shining fountain with multicolored water sprouting out of it and, of course, seven Pegasi.

"They're beautiful", Victoria gasped from beside me. She has always been a sucker for beautiful creatures, hasn't she?

"Unfortunately darling, we're not here to admire", said Victor, "Everybody saddle up, it's time to get serious".

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