Chapter 4: Revenge

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(2 hrs after the accident)

The scene kept replaying. Aomine running towards his Momoi. The car. The crash. The blood oozing.

Your spirit jumped out of your body. Unconscious. Yes, that was what you would call… when you could go anywhere you wished to, just by thinking of the place.

You roamed in the hospital ward, looking down at your unconscious body the doctors were working on. You tsked, before flying towards Aomine and Momoi who were sitting in the waiting area.

“Dai-chan. [Name]-chan will be okay.” She said, sitting beside him. Aomine and Momoi were sitting next to each other, their knees touching.

Aomine didn't respond and Momoi kept blabbering on about how you'll be okay.

You rolled your eyes as you watched the two of them. Aomine seemed lack of sadness or despair. He was staring straight ahead. Kuroko was nowhere to be found. You were dying, yet no one was there for you.

“She’ll be fine.” She said, and Aomine turned to stare at her. There was the spark again. It was always in his eyes whenever he looked at her.

“Yeah.” He agreed. Then the faces got nearer to each other. Inches… centimeters… millimeters… until they finally came into contact. Their lips welded with each other, finally developing into a big make out session.


It was from your already broken heart.

You didn’t want to watch anymore. But you stayed. One little hope - He’ll regret what he did.

When they finally parted, you heaved a sigh of relief. It was torture. It was like squeezing your heart so tight it… Malfunctioning… Hurts...

“N-no… It’s wrong. You have [Name]-chan. It’s wrong to do this when she’s in the emergency room.” Momoi said, her cheeks flushing.

“It’s not wrong.” Aomine breathed, “I don’t like her.”

Last straw.

He didn’t regret kissing after all.

You looked around. So many strayed spirits, just like you yourself. You sighed before you went back into your operation room to look at your pathetic self.

Pale… lifeless… hopeless...

Your eyes filled with rage and betrayal, you stared down at your open chest with scissors and clamps poking into it.

You’ll make Aomine regret. You’ll live, and with the worst way possible… will have revenge.

You plotted your revenge... carefully, examining all the faults and failures that could happen before solidifying your plan. You were expert at tactics anyway. No wonder you were accepted into Teiko with a scholarship.

After 9 hours of continuous operation, your body came out of the operation room to be sent to a patient room. You trailed along your body.

The operation was a success.

Aomine’s POV

It was all replaying.

The way I kissed Momoi on that day.

The way [Name] had blood oozing out of her body.

The moment when the life line went horizontal right before my eyes.

The operation was a failure... the line kept repeating in my ears.

The moment I considered if I was in love in [Name] instead of Momoi but it was too late.

Was it why I didn't feel the sparks when I kissed Momoi? Or was it the fact that sparks just don't happen when people kiss?


Everything continued like it was supposed to be, my first year of highschool…

My passion for basketball… Momoi…

Days after days, I drowned myself in magazines and sleep. The roof...

I always spent time on the roof because the three of us always hang out on school roof tops. [Name] liked the idea of watching people without being noticed. It was weird of her. But again, [Name]'s just a weirdo. When was she not. That's what stands out most about her... how weird she is.

After 6 months of going through shit, I have become desensitized. Was it due to her death? Or was it the fact that I don’t want to play basketball anymore due to my overwhelming victory?

With Kuroko and Kagami defeating me, I focused more on basketball. To forget her. But who was I kidding. The big feeling of guilt follows me everywhere. After all, [Name] was always there for my basketball practices. Playing basketball only reminded more of her... and my guilt.

If I hadn't acted so recklessly, she wouldn't be dead. I stared down at the ring in my hand. The ring I bought. I wonder if she has it on her finger in her grave?

My first year of high school had passed. It was summer break. School will be closing for students to prepare themselves for the new academic year.


It was one random evening. I was walking down the street to the local basketball court… until I walk pass this girl. Same [h/c] hair which had grown longer… Same [e/c] eyes… dazzling as always…  Same facial features.

I had no doubt.

It was her.

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