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As a daughter of Athena it was your job to be smart(and you were of course). But today you had to have some extra patience because you had to learn the periodic table of elements. You've never had a thing for science, that was until now.

You stared intensely(-_-) at the copy of the periodic table, attempting to memorize it correctly.






"Gah! I can't take it anymore" you exploded causing all of your cabin mates to stare at you oddly. You only scowled and walked outside sitting underneath a near by tree.

After a millennia(aka 3 hours) you had finally knew it all, except Nickel and Cobalt. You had broken at least 5 pencils out of frustration and frankly you didn't think you could take anymore- No. You knew you couldn't take anymore.

Just as you were about to clean up a shadow covered your paper and you looked up to see a boy with disheveled raven hair and deep brown eyes, staring down at you.

"Is that the periodic table?"the boy asked curiously.

You nodded and pointed to both Nickel and Cobalt.

"I just can't find a way to remember these two... And this is like my 5th hour."

The boy grabbed your pencil and a piece of paper.

"The way I remember it..." He said writing the elements down.
"Is what it spells." The boy finished and backed away so You could read it.

It read Nico.

Meanwhile, you didn't notice Annabeth watching from the stairs of your cabin.

You stared at the boy for a second until finally realizing what he meant.

"Oh! I'm y/n..."

Nico smirked and bent down beside your chair.

"You know, for a daughter of Athena your a little slow."

"It's because my brain's fried." You blushed, tucking a lock of y/h/c hair behind your ear.

"Sure, it is."

A/n: And that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Hey! I know there's a lot of one shots already but what can I say! I'm obsessed! Anyways, so the usual!




And ask for requests!

-Sadie, Daughter of Poseidon and Greek geek

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