Suicide Note

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Waking up
In the morning light
Time for another day of fright
Tears pricking
At the corners of my eyes
Everyday hearing endless cries
Mascara runs down
Lipstick is smothered
Trying to cover up the bruises from my mother
The reflection
That stares back at me
I'm not surprised for what I see
Another helpless girl
Wanting herself dead
No reason to live or dread
I'm a disappointment
That's what they say
I just take the daylight away
They want me dead
They want me to suffocate
I know that I've lived too late
The ropes in my hand
It's time to go
There's no one that'll be coming through the door
They will be pleased
That they didn't have to kill me themselves
They wouldn't have had to see the blood I see for myself
Love you mum
Love you dad
Goodbye little sister, don't follow in the footsteps I had
I can feel them crying
Hearing their sorrows
There was little time I borrowed
Don't worry mum and dad
I'll see you from above
Smile my little sister, you'll always be loved
Goodbye forever
I'm not human anymore
I can't feel the things that you feel at all...

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