Chapter 40: Part 2

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A/n* make sure to read ch 39 before this :)

"Jieun found all those condoms in my room." Yongguk said to his friends.

They all stared at him blankly but then bursted out in laughter.

"How mad did she get?" Jongup asked.

"Did she punch you when she saw them? She seems like she would punch you." Daehyun said.

"No...what happened was really weird." Yongguk started and his friends were waiting for him to explain. "She asked if I ever thought about having sex with her." He said in hushed tones.

"That's weird...why didn't she just punch you?" Youngjae asked.

"Why do you guys always want her to punch me??" Yongguk raised his voice but then composed himself.

"So what did you say?"

"If you said 'yes' I am going to rip your mouth off your face." Zelo crossed his arms.

"...I said yes..."

A unison groan permeated through the group and each one of Yongguk's friends had on a disappointed face.

"Why would you say that to Jieun? She's so pure and not ready for something like that. Don't taint her." Daehyun frowned at Yongguk and shook his finger like a mom.

"She was the one who brought it up in the first place. She said she wants to."

Now they all gasped and placed their hands over their chest.

"Whoa I didn't know she was like that..." Himchan said.

"Well yeah, my reaction was the same as you guys."


[Jieun's POV]

"Wait Nayeon I don't want to go in here." I stood out of the store and struggled to get myself free while Nayeon already had her foot in the door and was trying to drag me in.

"C'mon Jieun the things they have in here are super cute! Don't you want your boyfriend to see you in something like that." She pointed to the mannequin in the window that was wearing transparent red underwear and I glared at Nayeon.

"NO. I should have never told you about my conversation with Yongguk," I gritted my teeth and tried to get her off of me.

I never knew Nayeon was so strong. She was able to pull me into the store and she was quite proud of herself when she did so.

"Nayeon I don't want to buy anything from here. They're too scandalous," I whispered in her ear but she ignored me and picked up the first lace set that she saw.

"Do you think Yongguk would appreciate black lace?" She examined the bra and checked the price tag.

I cringed, trying to walk backwards out of the store, "I don't know. Don't ask me please."

"Don't you think it'll be fun to wear something like this?" She ran up to me and held me by the hand so I couldn't escape.

"I think it's too much."

"Alright fine. Let's get you something cuter. What about bows?" She pointed to the mannequin wearing a baby pink bra with a bow in the middle.

"W-well yeah I guess it's cute." I admitted.

"Yay! We're making progress. Go try it on~"


"Why is underwear so expensive? Seriously, you wear it under your clothes. No one's gonna see it." I ranted as I took the receipt from the cashier. I cant believe Nayeon persuaded me to spend $50 here.

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