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I woke up to my alarm blaring the song Feeling Myself. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 6:30. I never understood why I wakeup so god damn early. I live 5 minutes away from school and I drive myself. School to me
is just a big waste of time. Just like physics. When am I in life gonna need to learn how to generate power in my house, that's what PG&E is for not a typical junior in high school.

After I did the basics and got ready, I headed downstairs for some breakfast. I saw my mom in the kitchen drinking
her coffee on her laptop

"Morning birth giver" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek
"Morning slut" she said jokingly
"Thanks mom"
"There's really nothing for breakfast"
"Okay then I'll stop by Starbucks"
"Okay drive safe sweetie"
"Okay bye mom" I said grabbing my keys and walking to my car

I got into my black Range Rover and threw my bag into the passenger seat. Before I plugged my phone into the aux
cord, I check the time. It was 7:10 so I still have time to go to Starbucks since school starts at 8:15. I plugged my phone
in and played my morning playlist and the song Scholarships came on

Wake up and pray every morning
Demons,they calling my soul
I said fuck all of you hoes
I'm ballin' outta control, I'm ballin' outta control

Once I got Starbucks, I went through that drive thru since I was too damn lazy to get up and out of my car. I'm wearing leggings, Uggs, a sweater, and a scarf and I still feel like my titties are gonna freeze off. When I drove up to the speaker and ordered my food. I got a peppermint hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant. After I picked up my food, I started driving to school

I pulled up to my school and drove to the parking garage. God bless my school for giving me a parking spot in the garage because I don't know what I would do if I had to park outside. After I parked my car, I sat in my car and ate my food since it was only 7:35. I looked at my phone and I got a text from my friend Katie

Kat😈: Hey you at school yet
Me: Yeah I'm in my car
Kat😈: Okay I'm almost here
Me: Stop texting while driving
Kat😈: Chill I'm at a light
Me: Alright see ya

After a few mintues, I saw Katie's white Range Rover park next to mine. It's funny how we both have the same car (mines black thoe) and how our parking spots are next to each other. She got out of her car and opened my passenger car door and sat down in my car

"It's so damn cold outside and you don't get me something" Katie said offended
"Sorry I just didn't think about your ugly ass face when I was there"
"Fuck you"

Me and Katie's friendship is very sarcastic and just truthful. We obviously don't mean the things we say to each other. We just mess around with each other all the time. We're pretty much friendship goals

"Shit it's 8 let's go" Katie said getting out of my car
"Ugh I fucking hate school" I said groaning

After I got to my locker and I grabbed my things. I got to my first period class and right when the bell to rang a boy came running into the classroom. It was Hayes Grier. The school's biggest fuckboy.

"Mr. Grier you're late" my physics teacher said in front of the class
"Sorry there was traffic on my way here"
"Okay go sit down"

I watched him as he walked down the isle. Lucky me he sat down in the seat next to me. I'm not gonna lie, he's cute but he's fucked every girl in this school except me. He even fucked Katie

"Hey baby girl what's your name?" Hayes asked making me look at him
"I'm Belle and don't call me baby girl every again" I said flipping my long brown hair
"I'm Hayes by the way and what's your Snapchat?"
"Sorry I don't give my Snapchat out to fuckboys"


After fourth period it was lunch. I walked over to my locker and got my things from my locker for fifth,sixth, and seventh period. Since I'm a junior this year, I get to have open campus lunches and I'm craving Panera like crazy. I got out my phone to text Katie if she wanted to come with me

Me: Sup hoe
Kat😈: What
Me: I'm going to Panera wanna come
Kat😈: Sure I'll meet you at your car
Me: Alright see you later

I walked out out of the building and to the parking garage. I sat in my car and waited for Katie. Katie walked to my car and got into my car. I plugged my phone in and played my Car Rides playlist. The song Hit the Quan came up and lets just say it's lit

"Clean pair of sneaks with a designer belt!" Katie shouted
"Please watch your step cause I'm feeling myself!" I shouted and danced with one hand one the wheel
"Hit the Quan! Hit the Quan!" we sang

It's always lit whenever me and Katie are in the same car together but we always go in my car because I did some stuff to my speakers so the sound is much better than hers. Also her mom thinks it's "ghetto" if she fixes her car

We're your typical rich "white" girls. I'm not full white but Katie is if you can't tell by her name. I'm Latina so I have a little more ass, curves, and boobs than she does but guys always go for her. The normal guys that is, I always get the fuckboys. Even though we're both pretty wealthy, we're not snobby like the other white bitches at our school. They use their money on Louis Vuitton while we spend it on weed but we're not white trash either. We're just normal teenage girls that got coins


Damn that sandwich was good but now we gotta head back to school before we're late. Once we got to school, me and Katie went into the cafeteria and sat at the table with Katie's boyfriend, Sam and his squad of fuckboys. Don't get me wrong, they're all hot. Out of all the guys, Jack Gilinsky would be the hottest out of all of them. Nate, Jack Johnson (Johnson), Nash, and of course Hayes are also cute but they don't compare to Jack

"So Belle you fucking anybody?" Jack asked licking his lips
"No but it won't be you" I said smiling
"Oh come one baby girl how can you not want some of this?" he said cockily (a/n this makes no fucking sense)
"Get over yourself Jack" I said rolling my eyes

When I rolled my eyes, they landed on Hayes. I saw that his jaw was clenched and he bit on his bottom lip. It's not my fault that Jack is fucking hot. If he was ugly then I would yell at him from calling me baby girl like Hayes did

I'm a freshman taking Physics and that's a senior science class fml

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