Chapter 4

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Nico PoV

12 minutes 42 seconds

I am pretty sure I can not do this. I just know I am going to mess it up in some way. But I have to. I have to do this. I can't just ignore what ever happens when the numbers hit zero. I zone out as the professor talk about curriculum and other incredibly boring things.

45 seconds

My class was finally over and I went to walk to my next class ( a/n I have no idea how college works because I'm only in highschool) and was staring at my wrist paying no attention to my surroundings. 5...4.. 3...2...1... And bam! I ran into something. No, someone. And that is when I felt the sharp pain in my wrist I had been expecting. We both looked up at each other at the same time. It was a he. He had wavy blonde hair and soft cloudy blue eyes. He was tan and at least over 6 feet tall. He had a huge smile plastered on his face. "Is it you?" he asked. "I think so," I answered.

Will PoV

12 minutes 42 seconds

I haven't stopped looking at my wrist since I got to school 2 hours ago.  I have totally blocked out my professor and am now watching the seconds tick down much too slowly.

A few minutes later the bell rings signaling the end of class. I grab my things and head toward my next class, paying no attention to the things and people around me. 5 I started counting down quietly to my self. 4...3...2...1 and then I ran into somebody. I looked up and saw him. Then I felt the sharp pain in my wrist telling me it was him. My soulmate. He had long, messy raven colored hair and big dark brown-almost black eyes. He had pale skin and pink pouty lips. He was about 5'5. How adorable. I smiled and asked, "is it you?"
"I think so." He replied

Okay and thats it for this chapter I will update either today or tomorrow. They finally met! I wrote this on my phone while on the bus so if there is any spelling mistakes, I'm sorry.


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