She opened her eyes to see dark clouds hovering in the sky. At first she thought nothing of it. Her thoughts were on where she was at and how she had gotten there. She sat up, feeling slightly dizzy, but more importantly sick.

Suddenly there was a loud ring of thunder and a crash of lightning, not too far from her. That's when the dark clouds registered through her mind. She needed to find cover before it got closer. She stood up, but nearly fainted again from being so dizzy. She ran down the beach, which she had just realized she had been on, and away from the trees.

'Why are there trees on a beach?' she thought. But she pushed it away, she had more pressing issues.

She ran down the beach, looking for some sort of safe place she could hide. Finally she found a small cave, and just in time, too. It had started to rain, no, pour.

That's when she saw it, hidden in the outline of the trees, watching her. It was just a figure at first, but she knew it had to be a person. Crawling into the mouth of the small cave, she realized it was a lot smaller than it looked.

She turned around to look for the stranger. It was gone!

She wasn't sure what to think, but at least now she knew she wasn't alone.

She looked around, keeping inside her little cave. Where could it have gone?

Then she saw it again. This time she could clearly make out a person in a black cloak. But it wasn't alone. There were two others just like it, but smaller.

She watched them intently, her monotone blue eyes became more sparkly with curiosity. The tallest one started walking towards her, not even bothered by the rain. She wasn't sure whether to run or stay put. Her gut told her to run, but her mind told her not to move. Being her usual naïve self, she stayed put.

As the figure got closer, it started to look more like a boy. All you could see was his face and his cloak. He crouched down by the mouth of the cave. Now she was terrified.

"Well, hello, there," he said. His voice was light, very mellow. It held no emotion, yet it was so...friendly? She wasn't quite sure, but she liked it. She could see him more clearly now. She couldn't make out the color of his eyes, but she could tell that he had wildly tangled blonde hair, and a long scar running down his face. Most thought it scary, she somewhat found it...interesting. "Might I ask, what you're doing here?"

"I don't know how I got here. I don't know where I am," she said quietly. He nodded his head slowly, as if to say he understood. He just stayed there a moment, contemplating what to do with her.

Finally, looked up. "Come with me," he said, holding out his hand to her. She hesitated at first. This boy was a perfect stranger to her. For all she knew, he could be one of those creepy head collectors. But, his eyes seemed friendly. She had been tricked before, so she knew it wasn't safe to trust anyone. But, nonetheless, she took his hand as he lead her out of the cave, and into the trees. She wasn't sure about being near the trees in a storm, but she followed behind him anyway.

Soon they came up to a clearing. He stepped away from her for a moment. She looked around, the trees looked to be dead, but yet they had their leaves. It both confused her and amazed her.

She looked back over to the boy, whom she had yet to identify, and waited for him to instruct her. Instead, he knocked against a mangled looking tree, and picked up a club leaning against it, also looking rather mangled.

Suddenly, there were a dozen other ones just like him, different shapes and sizes. Each one had their own cloak, and some sort of weapon. And they were all surrounding her.

One stepped up, though he was not wearing a cloak and he did not carry a weapon that she could see. "Well, well, well! And who might you be?" he asked.

She looked over to the boy she had been with previously. She didn't know what to say, she wasn't even sure where she was.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" he smirked. All around her the others laughed at his remark. It wasn't even remotely funny, but she didn't say anything.

"How did you get here?" he asked.

"She doesn't know," the scarred boy spoke up. "She doesn't even know where she is."

Now the green boy looked at her again. "I assumed this much. Can you at least tell me your name?" he asked.

She was quiet for a moment, but only a short one. "I'm-" she cut herself off. She couldn't tell him that.

"I suppose you want to change your name. Well, fine, go ahead. But spit it out, please," the green one spat. He was testy, she could tell that much.

She thought of a name, any name she would remember. Then she got it.

"Shadow," she replied simply.

His smirk somewhat thinned out. "Well, Shadow," he added emphasis on her name in a mocking tone. "I'm Peter Pan. I see you've already met my right hand, Felix," he gestured to the boy with the scar. She thought he was making fun of her, but then she realized that she was surrounded by young boys; The Lost Boys. She now knew where she was, and she didn't like the idea of it. He noticed her comprehension and took it as a time to leave.

With a motion from his hand, the boys followed after him as he walked through a small path. He turned on his heel, his arms held out in gesture that showed he was displaying something.

"Welcome to Neverland," and with that, he turned and walked away. Leaving her standing there, with no idea of what to do or say.

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