Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Wolfe’s body stiffens next to mine as we walk into the bar. I glance around, my eyes wide at the dark room taking in everything. It wasn’t packed, but it had quite a few people in there. There was a smoke machine somewhere pumping fog-like smoke into the room every few minutes, hiding some of the patrons from view.

“I thought this was a bar?” I ask, unable to keep the horror from my voice.

It looked like some kind of fucked up haunted house mixed with a club of sorts..

“Yeah, I thought so too.” Wolfe answers, shaking his head.

I look around to see if I can spot Marcus, but he’s nowhere to be seen. There’s some kind of dance floor in the middle were a few couples are grinding on each other. I can’t really scent anything since the artificial fog is invading my lungs.

I bring up my hand to cover my nose as Wolfe leads me to a bar on the left that I had not even noticed was there.

There’s no barman so we don’t even bother ordering, not that I would have ordered anything anyway.

The music sucks. I shudder when I hear some kind of backstreet boy techno song come on. Seriously?

“It’s hard to imagine a place like this….here.” I mutter.

“Maybe we should go.” Wolfe suggests.

As much as I wanted to agree, I wanted to find that little shit Marcus and tell him off for not warning me. I thought we were friends?

“In a bit.” I narrow my eyes and scan the crowd, looking for him again.

“He’s not here.” Wolfe chuckles next to me.

“Who?” I say, feigning ignorance.

“The asshole that’s going to get his ass kicked as soon as I see him.” He says, shrugging.

Ah, so we were thinking the same thing.

“Not before I kick his ass…” I grin at the thought of actually getting to punch someone. I never had punched anyone before, but there’s a first time for everything.

“I don’t like that smile.” Wolfe says. I look up at him to see him grinning down at me. I quickly rearrange my face and frown at him.

“I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.”