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"There's a boy, lost his way, looking for someone to play
There's a girl in the window tears rolling down her face
We're only lost children, trying to find a friend
Trying to find our way back home

We don't know where to go, so I'll just get lost with you
We'll never fall apart, cause we fit together right, we fit together right
These dark clouds over me, rain down and roll away
We'll never fall apart, cause we fit together like, two pieces of a broken heart"

♥ ; Harry Styles is an eighteen year old fighter, notorious for his violent and threatening behavior. His rough past has led him to grow up, cold and hardened with only a limited amount of people he can refer to as 'friends'. He's seen as a teenage dirtbag, with his couldn't care less attitude and almost countless tattoos, who just leads his badass crew and pick on targets; some even question if he is capable of having a heart. 

♡ ; Selena Gomez is a seventeen year old "innocent goody two shoes" who's lived a weathly life, always showered with the riches of her family. Selena's beautiful, talented, intelligent and desirable by many people. Everything's perfect, right? Wrong. Right when she thought things couldn't get worse, Selena moves to Holmes Chapel for her mum's new job station and things in her life get even worse to the point where she's simply hanging on a single thread that's pulling her together.

☯ ; When Selena attends her first day at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, she immediately becomes Harry's spark of interest. He wants her and Harry Styles always gets what he wants, or else. Selena doesn't give a damn about it and she's the first person to ever stand up to him. Harry's the dark and Selena's the light; like yin and yang, the dark has a dot of good and the light has a dot of bad. What happens when these two pieces intertwine?

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