Why is the word LOVE so strong

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The world love is strong for many reasons for example that means you care deeply about that persons. But thats not just what love is love is cherrishable which means the two people together have to share the love they have for eachother but still they dont come and stay with the promise of not cheating or lying but to always tell the truth no matter how it hurts but love the word love is so amazing that nobody can break that word but so many get hurt by that word and its funny because they get hurt from abuse verbally physically and emotionally but they still say they LOVE THAT PERSON or THEY'RE ARE IN LOVE WITH THAT PERSON but do you still say that when your boyfriend or husband is betting you with all his power and when he is doin this in front of your kids WHY DO YOU SAY YOU STILL LOVE HIM? Thats a question i need to know because he beats you all the time in front of your family he controlls you like you are a dog but still you dont wanna do anything why is that? Do you think he is gonna find you and hurt you even more because you say I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEAR AND SOUL AND I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING TO HURT OUR RELATIONSHIP but see thats the word love and ladies the word love means you care but when someones beating on you like you are not human that means they don't love you. When they lie to you they don't love and when they cheat on you they dont love you or want you. But see when you want to leave they say ohh no baby i love you so much ill never hurt you again but then they say the word love again if you dont really mean dont say the word love to no one because thats how their heart gets destroyed into pieces

By: khyrone knight aka ksmooth

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