Chapter One

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Story is going to be re-written like hell cause obviously back then I must have been on drugs *cringes at own writing)   

The night air was cold and I shivered as I exited the club, yet there was a fire inside of me that was burning me. It was warning me inside out and I groaned. I walked to the alley way to the side and leaned against the wall fanning my face.

Boy was it hot inside there. The soft material of my dress was colder against the air sticking to my body in sensations I had never experienced before and I sighed closing my eyes and leaning my head against the wall.

The soft satin was moulding to my naked stomach underneath making sensations spiral through my body. All of a sudden I felt like I was wearing too many clothes and opened my eyes looking around. It was dark and the only light was from the moon as there street light near by had stopped working a few months ago.

I stood up straight quietly and slipped my hands under my already short peach satin dress feeling the fabric against my soft thighs and moaned. I slipped my fingers, letting the heat from them soak into my body as I ran them up to my hips.

Feeling more wanton then ever I left my left hand go down brushing my corse and gasped.

Shit this was too much, but I wanted more. I hooked my fingers in the material pulling them down and kicking them off moaning as the cold air brushing my throbbing core and arched my back. I bit my lip closing my eyes running my fingers over my now naked core.

A harsh pant and whimper left my lips. I had never understood the sensation like now ever before. I looked around just to make sure I was alone and slipped my hands behind my back unbuckling the bra.

I had big breasts, not too big but not small either, just perfect but I definitely needed to wear a bra or it was noticeable. But I was feeling reckless.

I was in a new area of the town with a friend checking the bar out and there would be no one who remembered me. That and she was already wasted probably screwing someone in the bathroom.

I let the white bra slip out from under my dress and fall to the damp ground. I looked down moaning as I saw my nipples harden being even more outlines in the satin dress as it moulded to my curves.

The wind blew the dress sticking to my core where it was already moist, the material darkening and I took a hesitant step forward the material rubbing against my sensitivity and I groaned.

Shit this was good.

I gently sat on the ground, the damp ground that was wet from the rain, and as wet as my core. My breathes were coming out faster as I gently opened my legs my eyes closing as I felt the air touch all over me.

I arched leaning against the wall letting a finger drift down to my core gasping as I felt the warm liquid touch my fingers. I gently stroked it, the smell engulfing me taking me higher.

I moaned louder as the sense took me over spreading my legs farther apart. My skin was hot, all over my core burning with need and desire and I needed it quickly.

My breasts were hard the nipples painfully sticking out making me moan louder. It was like a natural instinct as my fingers drifted back down, one of them pressing at my soft lips. I pressed harder at my lips moving them in a soft circular motion, my moans taking over the sound of the wind as my hips rocked at their own will.

My head ground against the wall behind me,my breathes coming out faster as I presser harder on my clit, making me heat up fully.

"Please," i whispered into the wind as something inside me was building up and I moaned squeezing my legs back together not being able to control the sensations I was feeling.

I moved my fingers faster, my hips following as I sped up. The wind was cold against my wet core making me even more aroused my sensations maddening me. I moaned loudly ignoring the fact I could be easily heard as I added my second hand as they joined by first rubbing against my clit.

:"Argh" I groaned in frustration as I felt my body tighten, my breath stop as I moved my finger one last time and something inside of me clicked. I groaned loudly as I felt my self come and gasped as my fingers were wet and sticky.

I opened my eyes suddenly looking around and realised no one was there and let out the breathe I was holding. I looked down and touched my core jerking at the sensitivity and got up.

Feeling reckless I left my garments there and walked back towards the bar. There was something in my satiated for now, but a new monster inside was raging for more, for something to fill me up in every possible way.

I don't edit, so, if spelling and grammar bugs you maybe you shouldn't read this story. 

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