Chapter 8: You're a Prick!!!

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September 21st 2015

Okay, okay. I may have overreacted yesterday. I just don't trust people who say they care - because I know they don't. But I know that won't excuse my running off, slamming door thing to Damian. He probably thinks I'm insane now, which isn't that far from the truth but, still, he didn't need to know that.

So it's simple. I will return the jacket, apologise to him. Tell him that I rather we weren't friends and we will go off in our own ways. Or at least that was what I thought would happen, not this...

"What do you mean you don't accept your jacket? It's your jacket for Christ sakes!" I'm practically yelling at Damian. A group has gathered around us but neither of us are taking much notice.

"Just take the goddamn jacket!"

"No, I mean that I don't want my jacket back here. I want it at my house"

"So you want me to drop it off for you at home?!" I shrieked. "What? - can't manage to take it home in your flash car - too much effort?" 

"No," he replies calmly and slowly as if I'm a small child. "I want you to give it to me when you come to my party on Saturday"


"You will return my jacket to me at my party in Saturday- or I'm not taking it back."

"Why not?" I whined. 

"Because you don't want to be my friend, so I'll make you my friend."

"Who says I'll be your friend at the party?"

"Oh, you'll be my friend at that party- you'll have to," he smirks.

"What does that even mean? You're insane!" 

"Oh, I'm insane? I'm not the one shrieking in the school corridor."

"I'm not shriek-" I begin to say, then I lower my voice. "I'm not shrieking." 

"You kind of still are!"

"You're a prick, you know that right?!" I scream.

"Maybe so, but I'm a prick that gets what I want. Which is you, at my party, Saturday night. It starts at six and goes on till whenever you want to leave. I'll see you then " he smiles confidently then spins on his heel and walks away. I just keep standing there gaping at his disappearing figure. What the hell just happened? I need Kate to translate.

After retelling Kate everything that had happened since the last time I saw her, Kate took one look at me and burst out laughing and that's how it's been for the last five minutes.

"Okay, okay I'm calm! That all seriously happened? Oh God I wish I was there for all of it."

"Aren't you going to help me?"

"Help you- you got it all under control: he likes you!"


"Okay fine, this is my advice. Go to him in English and try again. If he still won't accept, you can either choose to keep the jacket-"

"Uh, no!"

"Fine then, we go to the party- you and I . Drop off the jacket and spend five minutes there. Then we either catch a film or get a bite to eat, then can can spend the rest of the night having a chill time at my place!"

"Fine, but you're buying."






"Hey, I've had a couple of rough popular-kid-drama filled days! Be nice to me!"

"Urgh fine!"

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