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I absolutely mean it this time when I am declaring this the final closing chapter of Wattpad Rants. As sad as it may be, this book can't go on forever!

(Unlike some books on here I've read. Legitimately, I read a book with hundreds of chapters.)

I've been reading some stuff lately and avoiding One Direction fanfics as usual, and I couldn't help noticing the amount of books called "Friends With Benefits."

Uhm, hellooo? That was a movie. That's been done. Unbelievably cliche. It's like dumping two completly random characters into Hogwarts and calling it "Ruby Red and Chamber of Secrets."

It's shameless copying.

Why would you even... what is the point of that? It's not your own. I read a few and they were all practically identical.

this is my friend roger, he's not my boyfriend but we do stufff together. I would never fall in love with him because our relationship isnt like that. "o no you're preganant whos the father" my boyfriend says. "ive only just startted dating you" "My best friend Roger" i said and he dumped me and i went back to Roger and cried and we were in love all of a sudd3n and then

I'll spare you the horror.

Even with the different variations like enemy with benefits, teacher with benefits.... STOP IT RIGHT NOW I'M OVER IT OKAY

And guys, for the record my design thread is no longer taking requests. Too many people were requesting on Ruby Designs and not thanking/ crediting us and generally being rude little bitches. So Rosie (DarknessIsMyEnemy), Elle (dancerwithapassion) and  I decided we would no longer take requests.

Also, I have spots open for a new project. I'm about to post Wattpad Critiquing, which is where YOU give me a link to your story and I post the review on my book. Don't worry, I will be kind. The only thing I want is for you to REQUEST ON THE ACTUAL STORY, not by private messages or on my message board.

Seriously though I'm so surprised how this book got so many reads. I go back and review the little "rants" (I wrote what, two years ago?) and I actually kinda cringe. Like, they are so bad and messy and disorganised but I'm too lazy to edit. Do you see my problem?

I just read them and I'm all... "ew who would read this I swear I was on drugs"

If by any chance you wanted to read any of my writing attempts, you can check out my other account theartofhearts

(pls I beg you ahaha)

Big thanks to everyone who took the time to read my crap anyways. Seriously. THANK YOU.

You'll never get those moments in your life back! ;)


- Ruby xx

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