16.Meeting The Family

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I grabbed my outfit from my suitcase I put all the things on my bed ran to the shower turned on the hot water and jumped into the shower after I got out I wrapped the towel around me I got out of the bathroom dropped my towel then I heard

Chris: oh damn your body is sexy

Layla: oh god chris what the hell are you doing here? I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body

Chris: just staring at my future wife's sexy body and whoa that is some sexy ass shit

Layla: GET OUT I always knew you were a perv.

Chris:fine fine someone is on their period

Layla: im not on my period it's just this pervert of a guy saw me fully naked of course I would be mad di*k


With that he left......I hate him so much I got dressed up
(Outfit/makeup/hair on top) I put everything on and went downstairs

Layla: when are your family going to be here?

Chris: in an hour.

Layla: oh god so I have to be stuck with a perv/rapist for an hour

Chris: umm we live together i didn't hear you calling me a perv/rapist back home .

Layla:well back at home you didn't see me fking naked but when we came to this cabin you saw me naked I can't wait until we go home.

Chris: but you got some nice abs, butt, and breast.

Layla: screw you!

Chris: haha need a screw?

Layla: oh just shut up!

Chris: alright alright!

After an hour past chris's family finally came there was his mom, sibling, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 4 cousins, 1 of chris's friends who looked about a year older than me.....For some reason he kept looking at me creep and a girls who looked a year older than me too.

Chris: Layla I would like you to meet my aunts Louis, and rose.

Layla: hi nice to meet you I hugged them

Chris: these are my cousins Diana, Maria, Mike, and you already know bella

Layla: hello I shook their hands

Bella: layla i missed you

Layla: I missed you too I bent down and hugged her

Chris: and these are my uncles Denial, and Clark

Layla: hi im layla I shook their hands

Chris: and at last my old friends Drake and Anna

Layla: hello

I saw Anna giving me the death glare I mean did I do something everyone went into their rooms unpacked I went next to Kristen, and Karisma

Layla: hey girls

Kristen: hi

Karisma: hello

Layla: I need to ask you girls something

Kristen: go ahead we are all ears

Layla: you guys know Anna right?

Karisma: that girl is trouble!

Kristen: she is a bitch

Layla: well she was giving me a death glare do you know why?

Kristen: it is beacuse she has a crush on chris.....so you better take care of him or that bitch will do something to make him against you!

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