Chapter 1

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Alex's POV

Nooo! Mom changed me to a new school! Without even consulting me! And guess what? Nagisa, my bro goes to that school. I bet he's like at the top of his class or something. I was in class 3-C sometimes I wonder what would happen if I still lived with my dad.

You see, my mom, dad, Nagisa, and I used to live together, but when me and Nagisa were 7 years old, mom and dad got a divorce. They said it was for the best and dad decided to take me with him to go to the United States, where he was originally born. That makes me and Nagisa half Japanese because of my mom and half American because of dad. We were in the United States for 8 years and dad decided to take me back with my mom and bro. He said he would keep sending money like he always did when I lived with dad so that my mom and bro could have enough to eat and enough to live in a house. Oh yeah, did I mention dad is really rich. So I thought you guys should know. He also said that he was gonna send me money individually so I didn't have to cause problems with my mom. And lets just say that with the money he sends me per month, I have enough to buy a house made of gold with diamonds encrusted on the windows.

I have lived with my mom and bro for barely a year and a half. Mom took me out of the school I was in and put me in Kunugigaoka Junior highschool. Which is where Nagi is. Even if I'm kind like a stranger, they treat me like they've known me their whole lives which is kinda true.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip To Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up startled by the noise I heard coming from the left side where my alarm was to find the song King For a Day by Pierce the Veil being played. I turned my alarm off, got up, took a shower, straightened my blue hair, I decided to leave my hair down, and then I changed into my uniform giving it a few tweaks.

I was wearing a black vest with a white tank and black cardigan. I was wearing a gray skirt that was actually part of the uniform. I did a Smokey eye effect and purple lipstick I wore a few spiky bracelets and a Pierce The Veil rubber wristband and a Sleeping with Sirens rubber bracelet. I put my earnings on and gloves and my black flats. I got my black book bag and I left for school at 7:45..I didn't have to wait for Nagisa cuz I know he wakes up early to get to his classroom earlier than intended. I got my phone and plugged my earphones to the phone and I started walking to the school.

When I was inside the classroom I saw a girl with orangeish hair she looked a little too happy to be in school. I went to take a seat when the girl from earlier comes straight at me that's when I noticed it's my best friend Harper Finkle. I quickly rushed up to get and hugged her.

"Oh my gosh Harper!" Harper was my friend since forever, when I went to the United States we immediately became friends. When she heard I was leaving to go to Japan she was sad and I was obviously also sad.

"Harper how did you get here!" I asked her.
"Your dad paid for the airplane ticket," Harper said, "He said best friends shouldn't be away so yeah!"
"Where are you gonna be staying?" I asked.
"Your dad gave paid so I could stay in a hotel apartment for as long as I needed he also said he would pay for my room, food, and school! Your dad's really nice you know." Harper said.
"Yeah. We should hang later after school." I told her.

When it was lunch I heard a girl talking shit about someone apparently the girl being talked about was there cuz I heard someone sobbing. I looked to see who it was, to my surprise it was Harper crying. I immediately went to the girl and gave her a few punches, I saw it wasn't enough to make her suffer so I kicked and punched her in the stomach. It still wasn't enough so I took out my butterfly knife and tore a few parts of her clothes. On an occasion, she punched me and I quickly ducked before she could do anything else, I cut her cheek. She was shocked so I took this opportunity to do a round house kick on her making her fly into the lockers.

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