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As I sat in the coffee shop sipping my hot chocolate, it was a bright sunny day in haven. What could go wrong on a beautiful day like this?

Cassie Mcfly is my name but people round here call me Cass. Apart from one person who always forgot to.

And that one person just walked in the door, he walked up to the counter, ordered his usual coffee.
He put his back against the wood while waiting for his order, his eyes scanned the room which soon met mine. He smirked and turned back around.

My phone buzzed on the table, I looked down only to see a texted from the fool.

Duke annoying Crocker : 'hey sweetheart'

I looked over to him, he still had his back to me so I stared daggers into it. He picked his drink up and came over to me.

" Cassie. " duke greeted as he sat opposite me.

" Duke, what have I told you about calling me Cassie? " he just laughed at me.

" aw even scrawling at me your still cute, Cass would you like to go on a walk with me in this beautiful weather? "

I thought about it biting my lip. " I'd be happy to. "

We got up and set off in the direction of the beach.

We wondered for a bit and then decided to sit down in the soft golden sand.

" so how's haven treating you these days? " Duke said picking up a handful of sand passing it from one hand to the other.

" it's treating me well, well as well as could be expected. " there was a moment of silence where we just started at each other.

Well, that was until Duke coughed awkwardly and looked away to the roaring ocean. I just looked down smiling at myself, me and Duke just had a moment!. Oh shut up brain it's Duke Crocker for god sake.

" so how about you and your criminal ways Mr Crocker? " I chuckled.

" Nathan hasn't caught me yet if that's what you mean. " he smiled and lightly bumped his shoulder with my own.

I just grinned at him. " am sure one day your time will come, and I shall stand there and laugh. " he raised an eyebrow at me.

" so you think me getting arrested is funny? I see now how much you truly care for me. " he pulled a fake pout.

Even pouting he looked adorable. " nope, as a matter of fact the thing I find most amusing is that Nathan still hasn't caught you. "

" am the master at staying indiscreet. " he winked at me placing his coffee cup on the ground, then sitting back on his elbows.

I also set my cup in the sand beside me.

" what a beautiful view. " I heard Dukes voice softly say behind me.

" the colours of the sea out here are just fantastic and the light house looks creepy and old. " I giggled.

" I didn't mean that one. " I turned to look at him so fast that I nearly got whiplash.

He had beat me to it though and are faces were so close I could smell the coffee on his breath, Duke was finally going to kiss me and I was so ready for this moment.

He leaned in and so did I, but just as our lips touched I was jolted forward and my nose crashed into Dukes neck.

" seems I fell over an angel boys! " the drunken idiot shouted to his mates.

He'd been walking backwards and fallen onto my lap his head in Dukes.

The drunk man reached for me but Duke stopped him and pushed him off of us. " push off perv. "

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