Best Friend Anniversary

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Emma's POV

"Shawn!!" I whined as he parked the car. "Will you please take this stupid blindfold off me?"

"It's not stupid!!" He said defensively. "It's my lucky bandanna."

"It's all in your head," I mumbled.

"I heard that!" He leaned over and started tickling me.

"Hey!" I laughed. "That's....not....fair."I said between laughs. Without the arm rest, it was a lot easier for him to tickle me.

As he over powered me, my blindfold eventually fell off. My cheeks reddened as my eyes focused on Shawn's light brown eyes. We sat there before I got embarrassed. I pushed him off as he just laughed.

I've always been a shy quiet person. Around everyone but my parents and Shawn. And still sometimes when I'm embarrassed I turn into my shy introvert self. Shawn has been like my angel. He has put up with my bipolar shyness and has brought me more and more out of my shell. He never pushed me to come out of my shell. He just let it happen.

"Come on," he helped me sit up. Once I was seated properly I gasped. We were on the beach.

I was speechless. The waves crashed on the sand as the sun slowly began to set. I was so memorized, I didn't notice Shawn get out and come to my side until he opened the door and the smell of sea salt surrounded me.

He grabbed my hand and led me to a beach house. "Are we.....are we staying here?" I asked quietly.

"Yes." He whispered back. "Happy Best Friend Anniversary Em."

I couldn't help the tears that formed. "Hey. What's wrong?" He turned me towards him.

"It's just..... No one..... No one has ever done anything like this for me." I said softly looking at my feet.

Shawn stepped forward and pushed my head up so I was looking into his eyes. "That's what I'm here for E. I will always do things for you." He pulled me in for a tight hug.

When we pulled apart he took my hand. "Let's go explore the house."

After running around the house, Shawn and I were laying on the floor my head on his shoulder watching a movie. "Do you remember when you first moved in?" He asked as he ran his fingers through my hair.

I nodded. "I was so confused." I smiled.

"I wasn't. I knew that there were new people. My mom actually sat me down and told me that no matter who moved in next door, I should be there friend because they were new and scared. When I met you, I forgot about her challenge." He leaned his head on my head as my eyes began to close. "You mean a lot to me, Em. Never forget that."

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