"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

- Galileo Galilei

Candice POV

My team had won last night and the team was celebrating when I arrived. We all went back to the tracks to catch the train back to the compound and when we came back we had had the rest of the day off since it was the weekend and we hadn't started stage 2 yet. I had waited for Eric to come get me for my punishment but he never showed up like he said he would so I decide to catch up with the girls for a little girl time. We went to the tattoo shop because both Levina and Meg wanted to get a tattoo, I however didn't get one myself since I deciding I wanted to wait until initiation was over but I stayed with them for company. Their tattoos were amazing, Tori and the other guy named Butch who by the way was the kindest did a fantastic job. Levina got the Dauntless symbol on the back of her neck and Meg got the Dauntless symbol on her right wrist and the Erudite symbol on her left wrist. After they were finished and paid for we walked over to the clothing stores for some shopping. I bought myself some new tank tops in different colors, dark may I add, some pants, lingerie and make up.

But that was yesterday, today is visiting day, a day most people would enjoy because they get to see their family again, for me it was another reminder of my fucked up life, a reminder that my mother would never get to see me and tell me how proud she was of me, a reminder that instead of a loving father that loves his daughter, I had to live with a sadistic monster, not once did I called him father after mom died, only in his presence did I call him father but other than that, he was Michael.

Eric had not come for my punishment yesterday but that didn't mean he had forgotten about it all together and that is why I spent my morning in his office cleaning and sorting paperwork. On my way to Eric's office I had stumbled upon Four and he had asked me if I wanted to come over later for some dinner and bonding, like our own little family thing considering we saw ourselves as that, family. That had made me more excited and I tried my best to speed up the process of cleaning but all that paperwork was taking forever, I couldn't believe how much paperwork one person could have, here I thought Dauntless was all about freedom and being laidback, no business, guess I was wrong. However after three hours, yes it took me three hours to clean his office, I think he messed it up on purpose, anyway after three hours I was finally done and decided to go back to the dormitory to clean up and change my clothes before I headed over to Fours. Four said he was going to try to finish up earlier so he could go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for our dinner which meant I had some time to myself before I had to be at his place.

The families were about to arrive so all my friends where down at the pit to greet them, even though I didn't need to be there I decided to check it out so I walked over to the pit, maybe the happiness of others could bring some happiness to me, after all this was a day I rather dismissed. As I was walking towards the pit I notices someone standing on the bridge looking over the pit, when I walked closer I noticed it was Eric. I hadn't seen him since this morning, he had let me in to his office and explained what he wanted me to do before he left me there alone for three hours. He didn't even come back to see if how I was doing. I walked over to him because I wanted to talk to him about what happened last night.

"Hi" I said and he turned around to face me.

"Hi. What are you doing here, shouldn't you be down there waiting for your parents?"

"No, my family is not coming."

"Why not? Didn't they approve of your choice?"

"Something like that." We were quiet for a while before he broke the silence.

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