Chapter 6: Playing with Stones

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September 20th 2015

I couldn't wipe that weird smile off my face. I don't even know why. "You're awfully happy" Lexi states, squinting her eyes at me. "Did some girl give you a blowjob in a bathroom stall?"

"Lexi, why does feeling happy have to do with something sexual?" She just laughs.

"Cause you don't know what happy is, except when you are haven't some dumb girl take pleasure on you."

"That's not true"

"Uh, yeah it is. C'mon it always is. "

"Well you're wrong, I'm a -" Shit, I was about to tell her the truth that I was a virgin.

"What, a virgin?" She says raising her eyebrows at me.

"No-oh" I stutter, shit she knows now. Smooth Damian, smooth.

"Oh my God! You are- that whole thing with doing girls from here being too much drama is all crap" she just starts to laugh hysterically. "Don't tell me : you're waiting for your one true love. No- better yet - you're gay!" She just continued to cackle.

"Lexi please don't tell anyone!"

"Like my brother or his posse would believe me. Just tell me why- why you are waiting? When almost every girls wants you- well except Kate and the lesbian emos- you would be an idiot to fall for them anyway. So that only leaves Kate, is that it? If you are into Kate: I will kill you!"

"No, I'm not into Kate. It's just my dad told me how he me met my mum. Before he died he wrote letters for all of us. I had just turned fifteen, about to go in for the kill. Then mum showed me dad's letter and he explained how mum was his first and last and the only one in between. How he had made sure that night was the best night of his life and all this other really cheesy stuff. I guess I just thought if I waited till I found the right one too, it would be like my dad was still here and I could still take his advice.. " my voice just trails off as I begin to get consumed in the memories. I then feel a small pat on my shoulder. I look up to an almost solemn face on Lexi, which is just such a strange sight.

"I understand. Don't worry I won't judge and kind of get why you come up with all the crap. But when the right one comes you are gonna have a lot of explaining to do as to why you did lie about all of this."

"I kind of like to think that the right one will just understand."

"Mhmmm, yeah maybe. Depends on what your idea of right one is. And hey, wait, you never did tell me why you were smiling!" I laugh as I begin to leave the room. As she tries to run after me, but can't in her stilettos. Then I head to English, realising he'll be there- I feel that smile grow again.


I take my usual seat in English. The same as in the beginning of the year. I then prepare myself and stuff so I can just lose myself in Shakespeare. But I can't shake the unease, I felt eyes on me whilst I walked here. It was weird- I even pulled up the courage to turn around but I couldn't see anyone taking any particular notice in me. I have felt eyes on me for the entire time I've been at this school- I just don't know who it could be.

I'm so lost in thought that I don't notice someone towering above my desk. "Hey Noah. Do you have a pen I can borrow?" Damian asks. I still like Silver as a name for him - it matches his eyes. I just nod and pass him a pen. He smiles then slips into the desk behind me. Has he sat there this entire time? I knew there has always been a blonde boy behind me- but it was him? Oops.

"So Noah, you rushed off this morning. I feel we didn't get to properly introduce ourselves." He says almost comically. I slowly turn in my seat to face him. He wore a half smile, that looked almost adorable on him. He had a handsome face: totally drool worthy. If you were into guys that is. But it was his eyes that gained the main focus. They seemed to know what the whole world wanted. They almost looked odd on a boy that fills such a dumb stereotype. Don't get me wrong they were equally beautiful- but they were hard stone color and looked like they had once seen better days - not so much now. They weren't strong, they were set. Like nothing could change anymore. They were disturbingly eerie.

Now I realise I have been staring and I haven't said anything. I finally cough out: "fine what do you want to know?" His smile grows.

"Anything. Everything" I raise my eyebrows at that and he just laughs. "Tell me where you came from and why you are here?"

"Why? You know what fine. I'm from Tennessee and I moved here cause my dad got a new job here."

"That explains the drawl"

"Uh, thanks-"

"Class let's begin..." Oh thank God Mr Evans is here. I hastily swivel around in my seat and invest myself into his lesson. So Silver can't try to talk to me again. I get a weird vibe from him and I don't really want to get involved with basketball heroes- nope, not at all.

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