Sneaking out

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Beauty's POV
This was too suspicious for my liking. I noticed Father was distracted talking to my cousins. I ran outside and saw the open trunk so I climbed in. It stank of beer but still I hid myself under the picnic blanket. I held my breath as I heard Father approaching....but he didn't open the trunk. Guess they had packed everything anyway...
Ben's POV
I walked outside to the car. Where had Beauty gone? Oh well can't let it bother me. I climbed in and sat there next to my cousins. As little as I wanted to say it something felt off...But this chance to finally be cared for would not slip through my fingers.
Beauty's POV
Eventually we go there but it still reeked of beer. As I heard the boys get out I snuck into the back seat then got out and ran. I ran as far away as possible and pretended to just be some stranger. Please don't do anything Ben......
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