Chapter 53

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The door opened and Liam was there and then he wasn't for as he welcomed Zayn into the apartment he ducked out of sight, into his bedroom to retrieve his suitcases, speaking excitedly all the while about the prospects of the trip.

Zayn stood in the middle of the floor between the entry hall and the living room!and looked around in disinterest at the pretentiously decorated space. He found the atmosphere too well staged, overly showy and very contrived, not unlike Liam's personality.

But he didn't have long to think about the connotations between the two for his eyes landed on a human form curled up in a comfortable ball on the floor, wedged between the couch and the coffee table and sleeping peacefully.

With a heavy heart and a feeling of deep annoyance towards Liam he lifted the girl, careful not to disturb her sleep as he carried her to bed.

"She was fine on the floor." Liam chuckled as Zayn tucked her in carefully and saw that she was alright before looking at Liam, hoping his disgust didn't show on his face. "Let's go before she wakes up with a bunch of pesky ass questions."

Zayn took a moment to consider the words.

"Wait, she doesn't know that you're leaving?"

"Why should she?"

He called over his shoulder as he lugged his suitcases out of the room. Zayn saw no reason to argue, but grabbed a piece of monogrammed stationary from the bedside table and scratched upon it in his short block lettered penmanship with what he feared was a solid gold fountain pen.

He tucked the little note right beside her cheek on the pillow and kissed her forehead before stepping out of the room as quietly as could be.


He waited outside of the car for his chauffeur to load the luggage and for Zayn to emerge from inside the building. He however did not allow these moments to pass him idly by; a man of his schedule never exactly had free time. He had more worries than he could count and also the confusion of people trying to sway him to their own agendas while trying to make him suspicious to the motives of others.

But at the moment one pressing matter in particular had his full attention for it was the rare problem that he had an immediate solution to.

He spoke quietly for fear of being overheard by the trendy people who passed him on the street.

"So basically you want a burner?"

Andy chuckled on the other end of the phone, aside from being Liam's friend he was also the only drug dealer that Liam respected enough to speak with directly. He was an old college customer and one of the few people Liam knew he could trust completely.

"A burner is a gun..." Liam sighed heavily and wondered at his friend's dimwittedness "I want a hot shot."

"That's what I meant! I got you. Just tell me who it's for and I'll deliver it myself."



The note read:

Off with Liam on a trip. Be back soon but not for a few days at least. Stay Safe, Miss America :) x

She read it over and over, then wandered through the apartment and found no one before going back to the bed and reading the note again. She was astounded at the audacity of Liam and disgusted with herself for going against her better judgement; there were no redeeming qualities in this man. She knew better than to dwell too much on her stupidity and resolved to not be there whenever he decided to return. She would gather her things on her next day off and leave him to it; but at the moment she had a busy day ahead and needed no distractions in trying to get through it.

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