She Stole My Heart And Won't Give It Back -Chapter 1-

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School suck's, it really does, and I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one to say that. My name is Jasmine Ferone. Born in New South Wales, grew up in NSW, STILL in NSW. Back to what I was saying. I guess I'm the kind of girl you can call 'Popular'.  My bestfriends' name is Jenna, I love her with all my heart, but not more then Bella. Bella's the reason I survive in school, just her smile brightens up my day.

So im sitting in maths, pretending to listen to the teacher. When Bella walks into class 5 minutes late, she apologises and walks past me, flashing me the sexiest smile i've ever seen. Her seat is behind mine and I get really nervous when she's around, concidering she's my crush.

After 10 minutes of daydreaming about Bella, I feel a tap on my shoulder, I turn around and Bella's leaning over her table and whispers to me, "Hey" she sais, and I immediately start blushing, I think she realises how nervous I am, because she smiles at me again, which makes me blush even more. "Hey" I reply. "I missed you" she sais while batting her eyelashes, I had to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from saying something I might regret, It took all my will to say "I missed you too" I smiled, and I might have been imagining it, but I thought i saw her blush. "Talk to you at lunch" she said quickly and I turned around. I spent the rest of the lesson convincing myself that we are just friends and thats how its gonna stay.

The bell rings and I pack up my stuff, when I look up Bella's standing above my table waiting for me, I smile and stand up. She looks down at my hand and her expression turns from happy to confused. "What happened to your hand?" she asked, I looked down and realised I had a bandage going across my wrist. "Oh, nothing, just scraped it on a tree" i replied. She took my hand in hers and started examining it, she didn't let go of my hand but she started walking towards the door of the classroom. WE WHERE HOLDING HANDS! She saw me staring at our entwined hands because she looked at me and smiled. "Wanna come hang at my house after school?" she asked me, I really wanted to, but i had to say "I can't, my mum's expecting me home early today" She looked dissapointed as she said "well, can't you call her or something?" . "I forgot my phone" was my reply, when my phone was in my pocket, I didn't want to be alone with her because i knew I was going to get nervous and do something stupid. "You can use my phone" she quickly said. Before I knew it, I was in the bathroom dialing my mum's number, I was so nervous I didnt even realise she had let go of my hand. My mum said I could go to her house, and when Bella heard that I was going over she was surprisingly happy. The rest of the day was normal, after calling my mum I went with Bella to find Jenna. She was at our usual lunch table with her boyfriend. When she saw me she jumped up and hugged me for about 2 minutes. I look over at Bella and she's smiling. "Oh my god! we have so much to talk about! you HAVE to come to my house today" Jenna sais. Bella's face falls when she hears this, "I can't ", I tell Jenna " I'm going over to Bella's house". "Oh" Jenna sais with a sad look on her face. "sorry" I quickly said. "No, It's okay" All  could do was nod. I know she was upset even though she tried to hide it, we've been bestfriends since we where little kids, and now where 17.

I was at my locker after school when someone from behind me placed their hands on my eyes. "uh ,who is it ? " i asked curiously, "Guess" was all they said, but there was only one voice that angelic, "Bella" i said with a tone of victory in my voice. She let out the most adorable little giggle before letting go. 

When i turned around to face her we where REALLY close to eachother, like, literally centimetres apart. She was biting her bottom lip, i was melting, "Umm..." was all i could say  "What?" she asked innocently while moving even closer to me, i took a step back because being that close to her was distracting me. I forgot there where a row of lockers behind me, and i eventually ended up being pressed up against one of them. "What are you doing ? " i asked, trying to hide my nervousness. " What do you think?" she replied confidently. She was staring at me straight in the eyes for what seemed like forever, i finally broke off the contact by looking away. "Don't you like it? " she asked me in the most seductive tone that could ever exist.