Chapter 17

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They say that time flied when you’re having fun.

To Evelyn Blackburn, happiness was freedom, but her freedom was limited and capped. Maybe that could explain the young human’s inability of keeping track the time that was speeding by.

Before she knew it, over 7 months had passed and her 18th birthday was barely one day away.

“I’m going to miss this,” Evelyn whispered gently to Alice as the two sat on the old hammock swing by the lake at the back of the Blackburn estate.

“Miss what?” Alice hummed, eyes closed, as she continued to enjoy the last of the summer heat and the sunshine before autumn approaches with the cold winds and frosty mornings.

“The sunshine, fresh air, sounds of birds chirping around me… everything.” Evelyn replied softly, her gaze fixed on the calm, luscious green lake before her.

Alice chuckled and opened her eyes to look at Evelyn with a look of wonder. “You do understand that the legends about vampires burning in the sun are all fake right? I’m sure the King would be more than happy to let you roam with Royal Gardens if you asked him…”

He would do anything that you ask of him. Alice added silently as she looked over at Evelyn with concern filled eyes…

Alice could see the fear and the dread in Evelyn's eyes. The past few months had passed way too fast for her likings, and she knew from the way Evelyn was behaving during the past few days, she wasn’t the only one who felt like that.

“Not only the sunshine, fresh air and the outside…” Evelyn explained quietly as she tried to keep the tears from spilling. “It’s this house, you, my mother, father, even Nora! I’m never going to see all of you anymore, who knows when Zayn will let me out of the palace to visit you guys – if he lets me at all.”

Alice let out a stressful sigh. After weeks of persuasion, Marcus had finally made Alice realise that the sooner Evelyn learns to accept Zayn’s love and accept her fait the better. The more Evelyn resist, the angrier she will push Zayn…

Zayn was the King, the ruler of most of the world. He was a vampire who tolerated no one. Though he was never a violent and heartless King, he was still a King and the immense powers that he possessed allowed him to punish and even kill anyone who dared to betray of anger him…

If Zayn didn’t care so much for Evelyn, she would have already been killed a thousand times over. Companioning a King was even more dangerous than companioning a thousand tigers.

During the past few months, Alice had tried her best to drill that theory into Evelyn's head… But it was no use, Evelyn still craved for the one thing that she would never have again; freedom.

Also, Evelyn missed Ethan. She would never admit that to anyone, but it was the truth.

Countless times, Alice had heard Evelyn utter his name in her sleep, calling for him… Ethan and Evelyn had been a couple for a long time.

The two grew up together and ever since Evelyn was a child, she thought that her and Ethan would be married and live a happy human life… But now everything had changed.

“Have you heard anything about Ethan since his family was realised and announced innocent?” Evelyn bravely asked her cousin, not daring to meet her eyes.

Evelyn tried to keep her voice as neutral and emotionless as she could, but Alice could see through her façade and understand that Evelyn had been dying to ask that question for many months.

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