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Not required but I do suggest you read my first story, Hey Wolf, before this one... As there are some spoilers later on in this book. Not required as they are not specifically linked but... Fair warning!


A place in the world varies for everyone. Sometimes it is easy to find, sometimes it isn't. That's how life goes, the endless train of fate that we all travel upon... It stops all the time, don't worry, but it knows where you'll get off.

Feeling like you don't belong... Well maybe that's because you aren't what you think.

The three kids stood on the roof of the country club, the air nipping and raising goosebumps on moon paled arms and bare bellies. The night was lit only by the wavy reflection of the pool, the stars and moon itself, and the distant streetlamp on the main road that lead through the heart of the small town of Sapher.

One, the guy with his lanky torso and shaggy black hair, goofy grin and affable vibes, stood with toes curled on the edge of the roofline, stareing down at the teal chlorinated water.

The two girls stood behind him, giggling and drunk with cheap wine. They had nothing they really needed to return to. They only had the now, and that was important.

The shorter girl, thin and limber with long blonde hair that matched her fair complexion and warm blue eyes, twirled dizzily.

The other, tall and muscled, short brown hair cropped to her shoulders and light brown eyes that laughed on their own and angered in the night.

"Ready?" The boy chanted, sucking in a deep breath of air, filling his lungs as if for the last time.

"Go." The blonde hissed through chattering teeth.

The boy leaped, diving headlong into the deep end labled fifteen feet. He emerged from the water, shaking out his dark hair as the girls watched from above.

"Tara!" The boy shouted.

"Mitch!" The tall girl slunk to the edge of the roof a held up two hands, flipping the boy the bird.

"Jump!" He cheered, "It's warm!"

Mitch and Tara were exuberant, releasing waves of adrenaline and loud voices.

The blonde was a different story. She stood back, only wearing her bikini top and shorts, shivering against the cold and debating on her place in the world.

It hit her worst when she was drunk, she always thought the opposite, that the affects of hard liquor would numb things, but they never did. And she always forgot.

She began to think more about the emptiness in her life, the unsatiable hunger for more that settled in her chest, the way the kids at school teased her constantly for her odd demeanor. (Which really was not that odd.) And who could forget the fact that her dad was the definition of drunk since the abandonement of her mom.

Tara's scream as she canon-balled into the water brought her to her senses.

"Scarlett! C'mon girl, get that thin white ass in here!" Tara called up, grinning like the mad woman she was.

"I'm coming!" Scarlett tucked her blonde hair behind her ears and without a second thought, jumped.

The drop was no more than fifteen feet but the cold air took her breath away, it whoosed from her lungs in a puff of white vapor that floated in an opposite direction.

She slid into the water and simply let herself drain of air, floating limply in the warm water.

It was silent, peaceful, divert of any other noise besides the dull thrum of her heartbeat in her ears.

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