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Pen Your Pride

Cookie: Hey y'all! Welcome to my brand new BOYXBOY story. I think I'm going to have fun writing this. There's so many ways I can write it. Hehe So please welcome Derek and Evan! You know what to do! VOTE/COMMENT/LIKE la de dah! XD

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~Derek's POV~

"I'm gay."

      I choked on my sandwich, wheezing when a piece went down the wrong pipe. Gasping, I grabbed my sprite, opened the top and chugged the soda down like there was no tomorrow. The liquid burned my throat but that didn't stop me from emptying the half full bottle in one go. All the while, Evan, my best friend since the third grade patted my back like he hadn't just said something life altering.

      "You're," I wheezed, "what?"

      His solem face didn't change expression. "I'm gay."

      I coughed, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. "Is this some kind of joke or something? Am I being PUNKED?"

      "That show was canceled a long time ago."

      I gaped at him. "Dude, you're not gay."

      "Yes. I am."

      "No. You're not."



      Evan stared at me, expression bored.

      I shook my head. "No way you're gay, man."

      "Yeah? Why's that?"

      I stood and glared down at him. "You're Evan friggin' Staton!"

      He lifted up a brow but didn't comment.

      I pointed at him. "YOU! You're like the friggin Justin Bieber of the school! Where ever you go girls follow and go gaga over you. Shit, yesterday I found some lacy underwear in the back seat of your car!"

      Evan shrugged. "It's not mine."

      "Of course not! It means some horny chicks snuck it in there as an invitation! Shit, dude, they even labeled their name and phone numbers on the tag!"

      "Which you kept," he said drly, "I'm sure."

      I snorted. "Hell yeah I did."

      Evan sighed. "Derek, all that doesn't change that I'm gay."

      "You're not gay."

      "Yes," he looked up at me, face serious, "I am."

      I groaned. "Dude, that's fucked up."

      "I can't get it up for girls," he confessed casually, like he just revealed something that was normal for healthy young men our age.

      " you haven't hit puberty yet."

      He shot me another dry look. "I hit puberty when we were eleven."

      I glared at him. Yeah, that was something I'll never forget. The bastard hit puberty way before I did. I was almost left behind if it wasn't for my determination. "Okay, who did it?"

      "Did what?"

      "Who converted you? Tell me the bastards name and I'll put some hurt on him."

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