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"Emma, Sam, come down stairs!" My mother yelled from our kitchen. I sighed heavily then turned off my record player.
Sam walked down the hallway and to the stairs with me following behind. What does she want now? I already did everything she asked. I questioned before reaching the bottom of the stairs and walking towards the kitchen.
"Yeah mom?" I asked trying discard my hateful attitude. "Honey, you know Kian, right? Sam's friend? The tall one?" She asked as Sam smiled down at his phone. "Uh.. I guess. I mean he's been here a few times, but-"
"Oh good! That's great because you are gonna go live with him for awhile!" She said with slight excitement. "What? Why?" I asked trying to hide my furious state. "Sam's gonna go on a trip again and your father and I just need a break from you two. It won't be for forever, okay? Now, go pack. He'll be here in an hour."
Sam's been on a "trip" before. Last time he went all over the country for some reason, including Hawaii.

Who's Emma, Kian, and Sam? You ask. Well, I'm Emma. Emma Pottorff. And my brother is Sam Pottorff. Twin brother to be exact.
We're 17 years old and living a shitty life. Our dad's a drunk and is the most abusive person I've ever met. Our mom, on the other hand, acts like nothing ever happens and tries to avoid the situation by giving us a shit ton amount of busywork. But, back to me.
I live a pretty boring life. And by that I mean I have one friend, Michelle. She lives on the east coast. Other than that, there's no one else. Sam hates me. My mom hates me. My dad hates me with all of his fucking heart. I'm home schooled because my dad's too scared of someone questioning me so I spend my life here. And I've never even talked to a guy in my life. So there's that for me.
I'm sure you're still wondering about Kian though. I mean what's so bad about having to move in with Kian Lawley, wildly known at Crescent High School? Well, he's a giant asshole!
I know what you're thinking, but dude, you seem like a pretty big ass too. Trust me, this is just so even more people don't take advantage of me. I'm literally terrified for my life and no one knows!
But Kian, he's the bad boy. He literally can't go one week without hooking up with at least three girls. And for all I know, everyone in the whole damn school likes him. I've never even seen him for more than a few minutes and his existence pisses me off.
So that's about it. Oh wait, we live in the great city of La, which is known for dreams to become reality and crazy ass party's. But, neither of those have worked well for me so I'm sure you get what I go through.

"Sam," I spat after being back upstairs. "Did you know about this?" He smirked. "Well yeah.. I mean it is my trip." I sighed again before disappearing into my room once again.
Before I began to pack my suitcase, I went back to playing my Vampire Weekend vinyl. One of my favorites.
Time passes quickly and I can't help it but think about living with Kian. What if he makes me do all of the work around the house like I have to do here? What if he hates me like my excuse of a dad and does the same thing?
I finished packing my one suitcase that wasn't even full because of my cheap parents. They believe three shirts, two pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts, two pairs of underwear, and one bra is suitable for living.
I kid you not I worked for two years straight just to be able to buy my record player, a few records, and a few more clothes. It was worth it though because it got me out of the house and I almost have enough money to finally leave.
I've been planing on fleeing the state after getting enough money to rent an apartment in New York and go to college there. I know it seems crazy and that i'm not old enough, but trust me, I'm ready to leave this shitty place.

"Let's go bitch, Kian and Jc are waiting outside." Sam spat at me after poking his head in my room. Jc.. Who's Jc? "I'm coming." I mumbled before grabbing my suitcase.
"Um.. Bye.." I said to my mom and Sam before closing the door behind me. Thank god my dad isn't home right now.
I silently put my suitcase in the back then pulled myself into what i'm guessing is Jc's jeep. This is odd. I don't like it. Both of the unfamiliar boys are staring me down and I'm very uncomfortable. I feel like I need to cover my body and hide.
I stayed silent the whole ride. Kian sat beside me in the back for some reason and I didn't like it at all. He literally couldn't go one second without staring me down. He's making me very self conscious.

"So," Jc said clapping his hands together. "Emma, your room is next to Kian's. You two are the only ones on that floor then Im on the other side of the house." I nodded after he was done talking. "I'm Jc by the way." He said with a warming smile.
Jc's a pretty cute guy with extremely curly hair that almost covers his eyes. He's wearing a ripped up t shirt with a flannel and ripped jeans. Also his vans are extremely dirty and he has a cute hat that looks very good with his hair.
Kian walked closer to our small circle in the boys living room and began to speak. "Here's the rules: absolutely no guys here. And I mean no exceptions. No entering without knocking. No hair ties or other girl shit lying around my house. And lastly, don't be a fucking bitch. Got it." Kian stated as he towered over me.
My god he's intimidating. Piercings, tattoos, his big hands, long torso, and skinny legs. I hate him. I hate everything about him. Yet I'm slightly afraid.

I still haven't said one word yet and I could hear Kian making fun of me with Jc from my room. Nice.
"Hey," Jc later said in a soft voice while knocking on my door frame. "Can I come in?" He asked innocently and I nodded. The bed slightly moved after he sat almost too far away from me on my bed. "C-can I help you?" I asked him but immediately regretting my tone. I seem to easy to push around. I'm sure he'll take advantage of this. "Look Emma, I just wanted to say I'm happy you're here. It's gonna be fun having a girl live here and.." He paused. "Just be careful with Kian, okay? He's really moody and will hurt you if he wants to. If I were you, I would never argue with him. Okay?" I nodded and he weakly smiled back. "Come get me if you ever need someone. I'm down the stairs and to the left. Can't miss it." He said before standing up and leaving.

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