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***Layla's Point of View***

It was a beautiful sunny day. The birds were chirping and it felt like a fairytale. I was holding Allen's hand tight as we walked to his car, my heart getting faster and faster. He decided to take me to the park today, just for fun, and I agreed merrily.

After three years, I still couldn't believe he was mine, but isn't that what love was? You could kiss some one a thousand times and it would always feel like your first. Well, that was how I felt about Allen. I slowly saw his black truck appear in the distance and leaned on his shoulder. I felt him smile, and I secretly wondered how much better could my day get?

It started off with my mom making breakfast, something she barely does in her busy schedule, but everytime she made her chocolate chip pancakes, I felt like I was tasting heaven. Triston and Raina, my brother and sister, were even managing to get along.

It sounds like I have the perfect life, huh? Well, to admit, it almost felt like it.

We reached Allen's car and instead of getting in right away, he leaned over me, gently placing his arms on my torso. His deep green eyes caught mine, and I shivered from the adrenaline it gave me. I ran my one hand through his blond hair before placing it on his neck.

And then we kissed, just like a thousand times before. However, each time it was just...special, like I could stay with him for hours. He pulled away with a smile and then went over to the drivers seat. My heart was still beating fast, but after three years I've managed to hide it.

"Layla, " he said, my heart skipping a beat at the sound of my name from his lips. "I love you." he smiled.

That was another thing I adored about him, there was no games. If he felt love, he would admit it. If he felt anger, he admitted it. And maybe that's why our relationship was so smooth, because it was so pure and unhidden,

"I love you too." i grinned.

I then heard my phone go off, ruining my bubbly moment.

I looked down and my phone read, "1 New Message." I opened it up and noticed it was from Camile, my best friend since third grade.

"Hey girlie [: " she sent. I replied with a hello and we held up a small conversation. My phone blinked, and I was startled at how bright the reflection was behind my closed eyes.

It was coming closer, and my eyes flew open.

"Oh my god." I thought as a huge Ford truck came speeding at my side. In a split second I felt familiar arms grab me, and I was brought tightly to a chest. However, his strength wasn't strong enough and as we flipped I loosened from his grip, sending me flying around in the car. And then-


My head hit something hard, I was to dizzy to think.

"Layla!" were the last words I heard as I black out, feeling blood trickle down my neck.

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