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Emile PoV
I stretched as I sat up from the bed. Today was the last day of Pax and Tim, Masae, Jon and I were up all night recording Super Mario 3D world. Well... after that recording session Jon and I had a talk... turns out he likes Luca and he somehow figured out that I liked Masae so we decided to split up (Reason I'm splitting them up is because I've been reading a lot... I mean a lot... Of MasaeXChuggaaconroy Fanfics and I don't know... I'm kinda not really liking JonXChugga. It did before but I'm not really sure... Sorry all... Jonroy is gone...) i told Lindsey yesterday when I called her and she understood. She was still weak and she also told me about Meru and Henry, which caused all of us to giggle.
"Are you alright Emile?" I heard someone ask as I put the last Shirt into my suit case. I turned around and saw Tim standing at the door.
"Yup. Exhausted after last night but other wise,ready to go home." I told him as I zipped up the bag.
"Alright. Well the Taxi will be here in about 15 minutes. You and Masae are riding together (hehe. XD.) and Jon and I are riding together. We'll See you Guys at the <<Place Convention is held cause lazy.>> Please. No kissing Masae in the car.." Tim said as he smiled at my blush.
"S-shut up Tim..." I told him softly as I moved my suit case to the door.
He laughed and waved his hand in goodbye as he walked out.
I felt my phone Vibrate and I pulled it out quickly.
L: Dad where's the Pancake batter?
E: Should be in the cabinet closest to the fridge.
L/C: Okay it's Cole. The batter isn't in the cabinet. Also Lindsey is walking! Well... She's on Crutches and at least one of us are with her just in case. Buts she's moving.
I smiled as I read Cole's message. He's Determined to make things right again... That's amazing... I put my phone away and grabbed my suitcase, shutting the door and leaving, heading to the Lobby to wait for the Taxi with Masae.

????? PoV
I smiled as I watched the two.
"One more day..." I smiled.
"You'll be mine again. In one more day." I cackled as the door opened.
"Food." The person said and later a tray on the floor. In the piece of meat was a filer.
"Perfect." I smiled at the door as I ate my last meal.
"One more day..."

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