{ 2 }I accidentally and unintentionally fell in love ...with a vampire 2

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You're probably thinking "why the hell are you up so early, you've got your first day at a new school tomorrow. You're probably up to no good! It's f'in 2 in the morning" See the thing is I only need about two hours of sleep. The rest of the time is really lonely. I keep to my self and am more mature than most adults even of my own kind. It is hard sometimes though. Even for a three-hundred year old geezer hormones are hard to suppress when you're in the body of a seventeen-year-old. I don't belong to a coven. Most just laugh at me. They think I go against our true nature and call me a freak. Just because I ........

Suddenly I heard a creaking of a floorboard and smelled a human. So I got up and went into the main part of, one of my many hideouts, the tree house. There was a girl. She was staring out the window. She had brown hair and had night close on but I couldn't tell much more about her because her back was turned away. I slowly crept forward and she noticed. She froze and held her breath. She stayed frozen for a second and to me it seemed a million years. I was so curious about her. Who was she and what did she look like? Finally she slowly turned. We locked gazes. I was mesmerized. She had shoulder-length brown hair with a red strip on the left side. Her blue eyes were hypnotic. I couldn't look away even if I wanted to. The color looked like it came from the full moon mixing with the waters of the Caribbean Sea. The exotic shade of blue had an almost silver tint to it. Then I looked at her lips and silently sighed. I wanted to kisses her so much. Living alone for almost three hundred years gets really lonely. Stop, I told myself, she didn't feel that way. It would be wrong. To distract myself I said "hello" she stopped breathing then but she soon calmed down and said "hey" in a detracted whisper. O god I wanted o kiss her soooo badly. She started moving forward and then I did also. I wasn't sure what I was going to do exactly. I just couldn't stop. We were an inch apart and I smelt her vanilla shampoo and felt her heavy, shaky breath against my skin, heating it. I could see her pulse under her skin, it was fast. Then she shivered. I thought of pulling back but I figured she was just cold. I hadn't kissed someone in over... but I didn't get to finish that thought because she had disappeared.

O well this was just great!!! I'm going crazy. Is that even possible? I just had a delusion there is no other explanation. I sighed. I'm so lonely I was seeing imaginary people. GREAT!!!


As I got to school I saw a mob people, boys in particular, surrounding something. I got closer to examine what was going on. In the middle of the sea of people there was a bike on it read "Ducati." It looked VERY fast and expensive but to me it was just a stupid bike. I started to head to class when I heard someone say "dude you can't buy them in the in the United States yet" I hurried into the schoo. I got my books from my locker then went to class. I had history.

I got in the class, we said prayers, and then on announcements they said we had a new student. I thought 'what idiot would transfer when we only had a month left of school.' O well not my business. I started reading my book, for like the fifth time. You know what book I talking about. Twilight!!! of course. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone enter the room so I looked over. He was facing the teacher and I didn't know who he was, probably the new student. All of the girls were staring at him wile fixing their hair and makeup. Then he turned around and I gasp. It was him, from my dream. He heard me gasp and looked at me. He looked like he saw a ghost. His eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. Then he looked deep in thought almost relieved. I seemed he knew me and that scared the shit out of me because the only place I've met him was in my dream last night. The teacher gave him the choice to pick where he sat and he sat next to me. The teacher started class but I zoned out. I couldn't help but stair at him. Then he smiled and it took my breath away. Literally, I stopped breathing but didn't notice until I sucked in a deep breath. he started giggling then turned it into a cough trying to hide his carefree, childlike laughter. I couldn't help but laugh at that. Then in the same tone, with the same strong, musical voice as last night, he said "hello, my name is Chris"

"N-Nice to meet you C-Chris I'm Marie but everyone calls me Jade"

"jade is a beautiful name it means precious jewel."

I blushed and he smiled "thank you" I said

"I don't mean to pry but why did you change schools so late in the year?" I was curious.

"I got emancipated and left my home and had to move here. I had to go to school or I would have to redo my sophomore year next year."

My mouth was hanging open so I snapped it shut. Then he laughed at me so I said "sorry I've just never met an emancipated person before. How is it without parents? it sounds cool." His face turned sad with a pain that looked so deeply rooted in him. I wanted to comfort him but I didn't know what was wrong.

Finally he spoke "lonely." I reached out and took his hand and said "well now you have me" he smiled and I smiled back at him. We sat together in all of my classes except for choir because he didn't take it, and math because he had a different classes. All of the girls were drooling over him but he, for some unfathomable reason, sat by me when he could.

Then I was reminded of sam, she is my best and only friend, she moved away in the middle of the school year and I missed her. I was glad I had Chris. He's sweet and nice. I really like him.

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