chapter 3

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Mirajane's Pov:
OMG so adorable my ship is canon. "He he he he he he he he he"(creepy laughing)

Levy's Pov:
"Does anyone else see Mira-Chan laughing weird."
" yeah I see so weird. Maybe she's choking?" Gajeel responded.
(arm flailing)
"Maybe she's just looking at how good your body looks in that dress";) Gajeel said.
Oh no my face was as red as a tomato. Why would he say that?
"Gajeel stop. You're embarrassing me"
(oh sweet love)

Sorry guys this chapter was short. I was really really tired with school work and performances. This chapter was kinda of a joke, i just wanted to have a laugh. So....... thx for reading and i'll upload a little while later. Bye :)


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