S.Coups - OTP Jealousy

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For luvmuchunicorns

Oh you love unicorns? What about I dress as one this Halloween, and make you love me? - Seungcheol

WTF DID I JUST WRITE I didn't edit the smut tho


"Anna-yah~~" Jeonghan cooed and pushed your hair out of your face. You looked up from fixing the watch and stared at Jeonghan, smiling at him.

Jeonghan smiled back and you looked down to continue your work. You could feel him staring at you, but you weren't going to complain. He was new in Seventeen by the way, why should you be mad?

You were glad that he felt comfortable with you even though he only met you around 3 days ago, and you didn't want to miss a chance befriending him. Jeonghan spoke in a way you secretly admired, the opposite of your boyfriend's, Seungcheol.

While you got distracted by the watch before you, Jeonghan was getting distracted by you. He would be lying if he said he never felt jealous that Seungcheol made you his. Jeonghan didn't say anything though, he knew you loved only the leader of Seventeen.

Unknown to the two of you, Seungcheol was grumpily staring from the corner of the practice room. He was waiting for Jeonghan to leave you so that he himself could approach his own girlfriend, but it seems like Jeonghan wasn't going to leave.

Seungcheol's squinted eyes snapped open when he saw Jeonghan hold onto your wrist. You made a weird face to Jeonghan which made him laugh gleefully. Jeonghan followed what you did and you laughed together with him.

At first, Seungcheol wanted to ignore the two of you. But when he saw you brushing Jeonghan's fringe slightly, he hit his breaking point. Seungcheol came stomping towards you two, harshly pulling you up.

Jeonghan looked up innocently, studying your scared face and his leader's angry one. The watch that you were fixing earlier went back to pieces on the floor. Seungcheol's actions got the attention of all the members,and some were cowering away behind others.

Before you could speak up, Seungcheol tightened his grip on your wrist and pulled you out of the practice room. You didn't know where he was dragging you to, and you didn't want to stop and burn your shoes from the friction.

Arriving at a recording studio, Seungcheol almost threw you in before locking the door. Your hands were already sweaty and your heartbeat increased rapidly.

"What..- Were you seriously flirting with Jeonghan in front of ME?!?" Seungcheol finally burst out and you moved a step away from him. You gulped the lump in your throat and took in a deep breath.

"I-I was just..fixing his watch for him Seungcheol," You managed to say with a little of shakiness. Seungcheol sighed, biting his lips. He took off the jacket he was wearing and threw it on the ground.

Seungcheol was before you in a blink of an eye, while you yourself was trapped between him and the wall. He was breathing in heavily, chest puffing up and down.

You placed your hand on his chest to calm him down, but you weren't sure if it worked. Seungcheol grabbed that hand and leaned in, locking your lips. You thought that it was just a simple kiss, but he eventually moved his lips faster.

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