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"Nothing happens unless first we dream."

- Carl Sandburg

Candice POV

I had the same dream I've had for the last couple of weeks, ever since I first stayed at Eric's, the nightmare of Michaels return. Fortunately before Michael would have the chance to get me either Four or Eric would wake us up with that bloody iron pipe. This night was the worst; he actually caught me and where about to throw me down the chasm if I hadn't woken up by the awful sound of iron against iron.

"Wake up initiates, get dressed and meet us by the tracks in 10 minutes." Four yells.

I yawned and got up from the bed. Like a zombie I walked over to my bedside were my trunk lied and grabbed some clothes to dress myself with and then I waited for the rest of my friends to finish before we run up to the roof together.

When we arrived we saw that the dauntless born were here as well. When the train arrived we all jumped inside the train and left the compound. I was standing between Lip and Kev waiting for Eric and Four to explain what we were doing here, it was a bit cold so Lip had put his arm around me for warmth which I was thankful for but somewhere in my mind I wished it was someone else's arm that was around me.

"Alright listen up; tonight we are going to play a game of capture the flag, Dauntless tradition." Four told us.

"Weapon of choice." Eric held up some sort of gun to show and some Dauntless born guy just snorted.

"You call this a gun?" Eric loaded his gun and shot the guy in the leg with a dart, making him fall down in pain. Eric then walked over to the guy and took the dart out of his leg and held it up.

"Neurostim dart. Simulates the pain of a real gunshot wound, only lasts a couple of minutes. Two teams, Four and I are captains."

"You have the honor to pick first Four."

"Okay. Candice." I looked up shocked. I was picked first? That's new. I walked over to Four and he handed me a gun but not before I saw the angry look on Erics face. To most people, that's just his usual expression but I couldn't stop thinking that it meant something else.

"Kev." Eric says obviously picking the best one. After everyone was divided into two groups we jumped out of the train. Erics team left first then Fours. Fours team consisted of me, Meg, Noah, Matt and then five other Dauntless born initiatives.

When we jumped of the train I noticed that we had arrived at the old amusement park. We walked for a bit before Four stopped and we gathered around in a circle.

"Okay, what's your strategy?"

"We could send a few people to scout for their flag and then go from there. We have a better chance if we know where their flag is." Matt suggested.

"What if they ambush us?" Noah asked.

"Why don't we let three people guard our flag while the rest spread around to look for the other teams' flag?" Meg suggested. I kept quiet, letting the two Erudite transfers come up with a plan. I on the other hand had only one goal in mind, find Eric and shoot him down.

After coming up with a plan, we hide our flag in an abandoned building and spread out. I walked off by myself while Four, Noah, Meg and three of the Dauntless born went off somewhere else. I was walking around looking for any signs if the other team when I came across the person I was looking for, Eric. He was facing away from me and he hadn't heard me which was to my advantage.

I took of my shoes and tiptoed up behind him.

"What's this? Isn't it Mr. Dauntless leader all alone in the dark?" I asked with a slightly sensual voice, why sensual I don't know but it must have worked because he chuckled before turning around to speak.

"I could ask you the same thing. Four actually let you walk alone?"

"I guess he trust me enough to let me out of his sight." While a responded on his comment I pointed my gun at his crotch.

"You should lower your gun." I told him.

"And why is that?"

"Do you want to get hurt?" He looked down and smirked.

"You are not going to shoot me."

"You don't think I can do it?" He came closer and lowered his head closer to mine and whispered.


As he moved closer I followed his moves and backed away, still looking him in the eyes. We were holding each other's glance and all of a sudden, Eric had backed me up and trapped me against a wall. Our bodies were extremely close, I could feel the heat generate from Eric and his breath on my face. I licked my lips and he followed my every move. While all this was happening he had somehow removed my gun from my hands along with his, they were both lying on the ground not far away from us but in that moment neither of us where thinking of the game, we were too caught up in each other.

"Well isn't this cozy?"

"Mhmmm. But not as cozy as Amity's arm around you right?"

"Are you jealous?"

"Nah, he doesn't stand a chance." He moved closer, if that was even possible and pressed his head against mine, his face against the side of mine. I put my hands on his arms and he copied my move and then brushed his lips on the side of my face making me gasp and grip his arms. He moved his lips down my face to my cheek, to my jaw, to the side of my lip. His affections made me all warm inside and I couldn't take it anymore, I moved my face and connected our lips. He reacted immediately and it soon turned out into a heated make out session. Eric moved his arms around me and down my back until he reached my bum and squeezed it, making me moan into his mount. He then bend down, took hold of my legs, lifted me up and helping me put them around his hips. At one point I got a little risky and started to grind my hips against him and he started to groan while eagerly kissing me. He reached up to unzip my jacket and then continued to feverishly feel up my upper body which granted him moans from me. He was about to put his hands under the material of my tank top when we both heard loud cheers from afar and we both stopped what we were doing when we realized what was happening, someone had caught the other teams flag. I leaned my forehead on Erics and we both tried to catch our breath. My heart was raising and I had to put my hands around his neck to support myself so I wouldn't fall down because in that moment it felt like the whole world was spinning, the things he did to me.

"We are going to have to go over there or they are going to come looking for us." I finally said, almost getting my breathing straight. Eric just grunts and slowly put me down before answering.

"You go before me and I will be there shortly." I looked at him pensively before looking down where he was holding his hands between his legs trying to readjust his pants. I smirked a bit and looked back up at him.

"I see. Well I'll see you later." And then I kissed him one last time before walking back to the others but not before fixing my hair and readjust my own clothes.

So that's chapter 16 everyone, hope you enjoyed in. Next chapter will be eventful indeed and I can't wait for you guys to find out what's going to happen. Any guesses? Until then, XOXO

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